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Fractal-like Artifacts COUNTERPOINT: Dolls Still Life

The previous page showed the artifacting that can occur with the X-E1 sensor on natural textures. This page is a counterpoint.

Both images were shot at 55mm at ƒ/8, ISO 200, +1 ETTR, 1/2 stop pull. The reproduction ratio is slightly different.

The lighting was quite different (tungsten halogen 2700°K on the artifacted image), 5500°K on the other. Both frames ETTR + 1 with But if color temperature were the issue, the Fuji X-Pro1 artifacting would not show its artifacts, so this explanation of the difference does not appear viable.

RAW conversion

Processed with Adobe Camera Raw 7.2 (46), Dec 2012, 1/3 stop pull, sharpening with Amount=60 followed by additional Topaz InFocus sharpening of 0.20 (see How to Downsample and Sharpen an Image in DAP).

Example — Dolls

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