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Sigma DP-1 Merrill

Setting White Balance in Sigma Photo Pro 5

Getting the white balance right is a big deal with the Sigma DP Merrill cameras. Particularly so because the Sigma Photo Pro software is obtuse in its control of white balance and tint, and the display of the image is not color managed (as this was written). Additionally, SPP is very slow in displaying changes.

The smart move is to use a gray card or similar to get the white balance to a neutral value. Except that it’s not that simple.

Choose a White Balance Setting, then a color adjustment

Even clicking a gray card/cube, the white balance is relative to the White Balance Setting menu.

Clicking that same gray card/cub with White Balance set to Auto vs Original vs Sunlight or etcetera results in completely different results. In short, the Color Adjustment menu is relative to a constrained list of white balance settings, which themselves affect the overall color rendition. Hence it is confusing compared to a conventional camera and raw converter, where one can set white balance and tint as absolutes.

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White Balance in SPP    White Balance in SPP
White Balance in SPP and the White Balance + Color Adjustment and Noise Reduction settings

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