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Examples, Initial Probation (RX1)

Tested with the Sony RX1 in August 2012 (not the RX1R from August 2013).

As is my wont, when I first receive a new camera, I shoot examples designed to show me lens behavior in whatever light with whatever boring subjects— it doesn’t matter, because initially I want to see how the lens behaves at various apertures and distances, how well AF works, whether there is field curvature, how successful lower shutter speeds are, etc. Accordingly, these examples are a variety towards those goals.

The images here have intentionally not been adjusted for contrast, no saturation added, etc.


Handheld at 1/40 second at close range at ƒ/2, sharpness is challenged. My interest was the blur effect, which is exceedingly pleasant.

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Sony RX1 @ ƒ/2, 1/40 sec handheld, ISO 200, AF
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