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The 16-megapixel Canon EOS 1D Mark IV is a camera targeted at sports and action photography offering 16 megapixel images (4896 x 3264) from a 27.9 x 18.6 mm sensor. If its sensor were scaled to full-frame dimensions of 35.9 X 24.0, it would be a 26.6 megapixel camera.

Sensor size and focal length

The sensor dimensions mean that there is a 1.3X field-of-view crop, which might give pause for wide-angle shooters, but could be very appealing for telephoto users:

 16mm => 20.8mm
 21mm => 27.3mm
 50mm => 65mm
100mm => 130mm
200mm => 260mm
300mm => 390mm

Telephoto users will love this camera for its high quality 16 megapixel images, results further enhanced with effectively being able to shoot an equivalent 260mm f/2 and a 390mm f/2.8.

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