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Hasselblad H4D
Hasselblad H4D-50 with 80mm lens


It is my view that the Hasselblad optics are excellent, but of a different style than Leica S optics. Also, H4D-50 images should be processed by the Phocus software, which can mitigate certain uncorrected optical limitations. Whether one is comfortable with software correction in one RAW converter is both a practical and philosophical question you must answer for your own work.

In general, it is apparent from the Hasselblad MTF charts that one cannot expect full performance approaching the edges and corners of the large H4D-50 sensor. Nor can one expect high contrast wide open. Hence, 50 megapixels should be considered a malleable number in terms of peak resolving power over the frame, especially since the photosite sizes are the same as the Nikon D3x.

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