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Right Edge Blur

This example at 200mm shows an optical weakness at the right side of the frame, something I observed repeatedly with field shooting when focused near infinity near 200mm. In many cases, I was shooting at f/5.6 or so, and the blur is largely overcome by depth of field, showing up only as a slight loss of detail and contrast. Clearly the 70-200VR2 is capable of very high imaging quality should the optics perform as designed.

In other circumstances (focal length, focus distance), the problem is less noticeable, so this indicates some alignment issue which changes as the internal lens elements are moved to focus or zoom.

The images were taken with mirror lockup and remote release on a tripod, with vibration reduction (VR) disabled, as it should be on a tripod. Live View focus at f/2.8 was used at center, then set to manual so that all apertures were shot with identical focus.

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