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High ISO examples at Night

These examples show the insanely great noise control of the Nikon D3s. Ambient temperature was approximately 55°F (temperature affects noise). Most images on this page were hand-held so sharpness might have suffered a little.

Worth noting is that none of the images taken on this page would even be possible with the recently-reviewed Leica M9, which costs US$2000 more. Choose your camera for what you like to do: the D3s is an anywhere-anytime-anything camera, but it’s triple the size and weight of the Leica M9.

Images shown here had all noise reduction turned off except for in-camera long exposure noise reduction (when relevant). There are several different types of noise, and long exposure noise reduction is a completely different type of noise from high ISO noise. I recommend always shooting with long exposure noise reduction enabled, though the D3s needs it far less than most cameras. Long-exposure noise reduction is done in the camera via “dark frame” subtraction and takes as much time as the actual exposure. I generally do not like other types of noise reduction because they obscure detail.

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Nikon D3s + Voigtlander 58/1.4 @ f/2.8, 1/160 sec handheld, ISO 12800
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