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Worth Saving the Money on D600 vs D800/D800E?


The D600 represents exceptional value— at about $1400 less than the Canon 5D Mark III, Nikon has set a very aggressive price point for a camera that to my eyes has superior image quality in every respect, and with slightly higher resolution to boot. Given the pattern noise of the Canon 5DM3, the choice is rather easy for anyone looking for value. Still, I’d much rather own the Nikon D800 or D800E.

Total system cost

As this was written, the D600 street price was about about $1200 less than the D800E, and $900 less than the D800. See the Nikon gear page for details.

The total cost of a camera system includes the camera + lenses + accessories + the obligatory computer gear and software. Given the total system cost, one should consider carefully whether the lower cost of the D600 makes sense in one’s own context.

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