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Nikon D800
Nikon D800

Staircasing on Sharply Defined Edges

All digital cameras manifest artifacts under some conditions, due to the discrete sampling of the image (e.g. the rectangular grid of light-sensitive photosites).

This page explores what one could term “staircasing”, or the tendency of the image to have jagged edges akin to the shape of stairs of a staircase. Such edges tend to occur with sharp focus on straight edges, since any blur tends to smooth out the effect.

Whether one observes a jagged staircase effect, it is reasonable to ask if the image sensor is involved in some unusual way, or if it is perhaps the nature of the technology combined with a particular subject whose details are aligned in an “unfriendly” way for the digital sensor.

Since diffraction increases blur, observing the behavior across the aperture range and in particular at ƒ/16, one can deduce whether the D800E is more prone to staircasing than the D800.

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Nikon D800E + Zeiss 21/2.8 Distagon @ ƒ/5.6, ISO 200

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