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Total Weight With Tripod Head (Field Use)

Most of my outdoor shooting involves tramping over difficult terrain for some miles.

I’m used to carrying a moderately heavy tripod in the field, with my favored Arca Swiss Cube geared tripod head.

I found that the large Really Right Stuff TVC-34L tripod was a bit on the heavy side for me when hiking for some miles, but the medium-size TVC-24L was reasonable, very similar to my abandoned Gitzo 3540 XLS (same head on all).

BH-55 Pro with PCL-1 panning base: 1043g
Arca Swiss Cube with RRS clamp: 1096g

With 'Cube':
TVC-24L: 1689g => 2785g = 6.1 pounds
TVC-34L: 2130g => 3226g = 7.1 pounds

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