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Schneider PC-TS 90/45  
Schneider PC-TS 90/45

Tilt Rotation Accuracy, 90/4.5

The tilt function can be tricky to use, especially if it appears to be not quite accurate in its markings. Though I admit to possible error in my evaluation of this aspect, I never did find an explanation other than incorrect markings.

Standing centered in front of this pavement line, I rotated the tilt mechanism to 270°, which should have given me tilt from near to far in the center of the lens. But it did not.

The first image below shows the result with the tilt mechanism at 270°. It should have yielded alignment right down the line.

I worked with the tilt function for at least 10 minutes in this context, and finally concluded that in spite of what ought to be correct (270°), that instead the 240° position was much closer to the correct setting.

I don’t have an explanation for this apparent error.

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Schneider PC-TS 90mm /4.5 @ f/5.6 using tilt 
Tilt mechanism rotated to 270°

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