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First, a caveat—

Caveat 1: Because the PC-Nikkors were obtained used, they might contain some dust or internal hazing that a new lens would not.  Thus the flare performance of the PC-Nikkors might be bettered by purchasing a new lens.   The PC-Nikkor 28mm/f4 is no longer available new, but the 28/f3.5 model is still available new.  However, inspection of the lenses shows them to be quite clean, so their flare performance is likely to be very close to that of a new lens.

Caveat 2: the Schneider and the PC-Nikkors differ in focal length by about 1/2mm when focused near infinity.  The slightly different angle of view means that getting exactly the same angle of the light source into the lens is not easily done. Also, the solar disk moves along fairly rapidly, changing its angle by the second.

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Variants Schneider 28/2.8, Nikon 28/4, Nikon 28/3.5 #186xxx, Nikon 28/3.5 #188xxx, Nikon 28/3.5 #208xxx available in full article
Flare at ƒ/5.6, f/8, f11

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