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Resolution Charts

A useful first step in testing a lens is shooting a resolution chart, or any target with lots of high-contrast fine detail.  diglloyd uses the Sleicher resolution chart because it provides high contrast detail at varying resolutions, angles, and positions.  A resolution chart reveals basic performance characteristics of the lens, including its sharpness, contrast, color fringing and distortion.

No conclusions should be made solely on the basis of results from a resolution chart.  When shooting a planar target like a resolution chart, the following caveats should be kept in mind:

1. Focus distance.  diglloyd uses a 3 X 2 foot resolution chart.  The chart is framed so that it fills the frame.  A lens may or may not perform at its best at this focusing distance; performance could change significantly when focused at infinity.  The Schneider 28mm/f2.8 PC Super Angulon incorporates a floating lens group to enhance performance at close-focusing distances; it can be expected to out-perform the Nikkors at close distances because of this optimization.

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