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Useless invention of the year: a little plastic cover for the hot shoe, visible in the picture at top. I’ll lose it the first time I shoot with a flash. If Sony really thinks this is useful, a 12-pack of them should be included with the camera!

In the hands

The first thing I noticed about the A900 was how compact and lightweight it felt, as compared with the Nikon D3 and Canon 1Ds Mark III, roughly comparable in size to the Canon EOS 5D. Now that I could get used to! It feels nicely balanced even with the large 135mm f/1.8 lens mounted, though that combination is front-heavy when mounted on the tripod.

I was not able to easily attain the same 4-point “jam” shooting style I use for sharp pictures handheld. This is simply a function of the A900’s body being to short (height) to wedge into position with hands/head/shoulder. All smaller cameras have the issue, so this should not be taken as a criticism, but just a fact of linear measurements.

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Sony A900 rear
Sony A900 rear

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