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Comparing Video Quality at 1080 HD

These comparisons came as a huge shock to me— some results simply look downright blurry to my eyes. One must wonder if the actual resolution is closer to DVD quality than HD quality!

All cameras were set to highest quality using AWB and auto exposure, which means that smaller apertures used a higher ISO. The videos were shot across the full aperture range; ƒ/5.6 stills were captured from the paused video stream for this presentation. Examination of the videos showed that choice of aperture has no effect on the conclusions or relative performance between cameras..

Stills are matched closely in size, except that the D800 and D800E “full frame” examples are shown twice; once with the 1.09X inherent crop at the same camera position as the Canon 5D Mark III and D4 and again at a greater distance, size matched (and thus with a bit more depth of field).

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