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Why a Wide Gamut Color Space Matters

Color gamut = range of color that can be captured, displayed, or printed.

The color gamut of digital cameras in late 2012 is outstanding— a very wide range of color can be captured in RAW. Cameras like the Nikon D800 are particularly impressive in being able to capture an extreme dynamic range, expanding the range of color that can be captured.

Yet many photographers continue to truncate their image quality (perhaps because they are unable to see the colors, due to a mediocre display with a narrow gamut).

Displaying and printing color

In the not so distant past, color gamut as a practical matter was a minor concern, since displays and prints could not reproduce this color. But forward-thinking photographers worked in 16-bit ProPhotoRGB or Lab anyway, knowing that the future promised a much wider gamut for printing and display.

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