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Solitary Shooting

Years ago, I enjoyed a number of photo safaris in which the group size ranged from 8-15.

I never made a single good image with other people at my elbows.

And who the heck wants to make the same image that a dozen other people are making?

It was only when I got off by myself that I found I could make a satisfying image. Photography is a personal experience; having another person at your side is a distraction on multiple levels. A companion breaks the lines of flow between the locale and yourself, like a errant boulder in a smooth-flowing river.

Solitary shooting can be in a crowded place, but I mean having a companion, one who exerts a subtle influence (and sometimes not so subtle), causing you to shoot differnt things than you otherwise would, causes you to time your moves differently, etc. Don’t stifle your ability to let your own mind freely explore its environs.

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