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How to fix Firefox 3.5.x color display

Last updated 2012-01-26 - Send Feedback
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See the next page for Firefox 8.

This fix applies to Firefox 3.5.x for Mac. As of this writing Firefox through version 3.5.6 was the latest; future versions might or might not require the fix. Status of Firefox on Windows is unknown to me; I don’t run Windows.

Verifying the fix

See the Dec 28, 2009 diglloyd blog for examples and to verify that the fix works.

1. Get the full path to your monitor’s color profile.

Determine the profile being used for your display by opening System Preferences => Displays.

Next, open ColorSync Utility in your /Applications/Utilities folder. Find the profile for your display, then select and copy the Path, shown underlined in red below.

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2. Update the Firefox configuration.

Enter about:config as the address in Firefox (see below), and you’ll get a configuration window, after acknowledging the tongue-in-cheek warning dialog (not shown).

Scroll to the gfx.color_management stuff.

a) Set the gfx.color_management.display_profile to the path you copied in step 1 above (double-click the area in the Value column).

b) Set gfx.color_management.mode to 1.

3. Restart Firefox

Quit Firefox, then start it again. Color management should now be working.

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