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Fotodiox DY-200 High Intensity Fresnel LED

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FotoDiox DY-200

The Fotodiox Pro DY-200 Daylight Fresnel LED, High-Intensity LED Fresnel Light for Film & Television provides a stunning bright and wide high intensity beam of white light.

Key features:

  • Remote Dimmable and Focusable Control
  • 12V AC Power Adapter
  • Daylight 5600° K ± 300° K, Color Index Rating > 85
  • 9,100 - 60,000 Lux/m Luminance
  • Dimmable: 0-100% Power Output
  • Focusable Beam Spread of 12° - 75°
  • Removable Collapsible Barndoor w/ Gel Holder Clips
  • U-Shape Light stand / Hanging Bracket
  • Included ballast is whisper silent and flicker free

You’ll need a photo studio tripod style stand to mount this light (or hang it).


In progress.

Brightness and beam spread

At 100% power, the unit draws 243 watts, at 0% power (dull glow), 3 watts.

The light output is stunningly bright even at the widest 75° beam spread. Focused to its tightest 12° beam, it whites-out even to the eye—quite intense. The light can be focused anywhere in between. Together with the brightness control in 1% increments a wide range of beam spread and brightness can be obtained.

The light output for the power draw is impressive, definitely a “wow” moment. Conventional incandescent halogen lighting would likely draw something closer to 1100 or so watts for this light output (estimate) and quite possibly more than that, and that’s excluding the likely need for air conditioning. So the LED option saves a huge amount of power.

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Actual color balance

A Gossen Color Pro IIIf was used to measure the white balance and tint as follows.

At 100% power immediately after power-on:

5980°K +10CC magenta

Warmed up for 20 minutes:

6180°K +10CC magenta

Light output is thus slightly blue in color and cyan in tint. Fotodiox quotes the unit at 5600° K ±300° K, so the test unit appears to be a bit out of specified range. However, the Gossen color meter is an older model, and may not measure LED sources properly.

Color balance is more complex than color temperature and tint; it is possible to have spectral spikes and spectral dips or dropouts which affect color rendition of specific colors in a substantial way. The CRI (color rendering index) of 85 for the DY-200 is acceptable for all-around work, but probably unsuitable for color critical work.

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The Fotodiox DY-200 is very quiet. While it is not silent, it can be heard only at close range, and the sound is not unpleasant. At some dimming levels a very slight buzzing can be heard at very close range. Your author is very sensitive to noises and buzzing, and this light is a very fine performer in acoustic terms.

Description and specifications


Per FotoDiox:

The FotoDiox compact DY LED Fresnel is a versatile powerhouse of focusable and dimmable light for your next video or photo shoot. This versatile flicker-free light easily creates a wide variety of looks. On-board controls offer a full range of light levels, as well as control over the motorized focus to create looks from a wide floodlight to a powerful spot.

You can adjust the light's intensity and focus in three ways. On-board controls with integrated LED display adjust all the functions of the light. You also have full control of the light using the included wireless remote, or by connecting it to any DMX compatible lighting control system (DMX cabling included).

Separate ballast unit keeps the DY LED weight reduced for more mounting options. The adjustable yoke mounts equally well on a floor stand or hanging from a lighting grid (safety cable included). Included 4-leaf barndoors shape and control the light, and integrated gel clips make it easy to add your own gels and diffusion. The DY LED Fresnel gives off little heat, so the light housing and barndoors remain cool to the touch even after hours of operation.

The high powered DY LED is available in either 5600 Daylight or 3200 Tungsten color temperatures, and has a remarkably low electrical draw for such a powerful light. Lower your energy bills, keep your studio or stage cool, and run these powerful lights on a regular domestic electrical circuit.

The Fotodiox DY LED Fresnel light brings powerful, controllable light to your next video or photo shoot. Accurate flicker-free light, low power draw, simple cool-to-the-touch operation, remote controlled power and focus, solid construction, and mounting versatility all combine in this dynamic LED light. The DY LED Fresnel is a must-have for videographers, filmmakers, photographers, and theatrical venues everywhere!

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  • DY-200 Focusable Dimmable Daylight Light Unit (5600k)
  • Power Supply Ballast w/ Cables
  • Removable Barndoor w/ Gel Clips
  • U-Shape Light stand / Hanging Bracket
  • DMX Cables
  • Handheld Wireless Remote Control
  • Security Cable Wire


Per Fotodiox.

Fotodiox Pro DY-200 Daylight Fresnel LED
Color Balance: Daylight 5600k ± 300
Luminance: 9,100 - 60,000 Lux/m
Bulb Wattage: 200 watt power draw
(243 watts from the wall)
LED Beam Angle: 12° - 75° Focusable
Power Supply: DC36V, AC 100-240V, 50/60Hz
Touchscreen Control: Dimmable: 0-100%
Kit Weight: 20.4 lbs / 9.25kg
Manufacturer: Fotodiox Inc.
Warranty: 24 Months


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