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Save your neck—replace that OEM strap

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Ever walk around with your heavy DSLR strapped around your neck? After 30 minutes or so, it’s not so fun with the big pro cameras, especially with a big zoom lens—the package can weigh 5 pounds (2+ kilos) or so.

Nikon and Canon continue to ship the world’s most uncomfortable camera straps, made of rigid material that offers no “give”, but on the plus side they do offer brand-name advertising to impress dilettantes. One wonders why every aspect of a product isn’t scrutinized for constant improvement, including the strap.

I can hike all day in Yosemite and stay reasonably comfortable with a Nikon D3 or Canon 1 series body hung around my neck.

The OpTech Pro Loop costs as little as $17 at (also available at B&H Photo), and it’s worth every penny. The main loop can also be detached in seconds, a nice plus in windy conditions on a tripod. There are other good alternatives, but this is the strap I’ve standardized on for all my cameras. Why not try one today? Even if you shoot a smaller and lighter DSLR, you’ll not be disappointed.

Recently (2012), I was introduced to the robust UpStrap camera straps. These are an alternative that are more robust, but they do not have the stretch feel of the OpTech strap. I suggest trying both styles to see which one best suits your own needs in terms of comfort and durability.

Recommended camera strap
Durable and fast, up to 1800MB/s

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