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NEC PA322UHD: Display Scaling

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Order NEC PA322UHD with calibration software and calibrator unit
Order NEC PA322UHD WITHOUT software/hardware calibration

XRite i1 Display Pro | SpectraView II software

The Best for Display setting turns out to be 3840 X 2160, which is full resolution (no scaling). Because the PA322UHD is a 32-inch display, the pixel density is manageable; this full-res option actually is and will be best for those with crisp vision. Your author finds it usable, but in general text is small not only to see, but it makes for a more difficult time with any precision mouse work.

Settings of 3008 X 1692 and 2560 X 1440 are friendlier to the eyes and eminently useful. A setting of 1920 X 1080 feels positively cramped, but results in ultra smooth user interface elements drawn at double res—very pretty with a velvety smooth feel.

To access the various dislay scaling settings, option-click on Scaled. Best for Display is the same as 3840 X 2160.

Best for Display defaults to full resolution of 3840 X 2160

Three unusually wide web pages can fit comfortable on a 3840 X 2160 screen . Not that this is much more than confusing, but the point here is to show the vast amount of screen real estate possible.

Click for full-res view.
Note: image is slightly lower quality than reality, due to the annoying double-res screen capture (7800 wide) that the system performs; this has to be downscaled to 3840.

Best for Display defaults to full resolution of 3840 X 2160
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