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Sardines for Your Health

Last updated 2011-05-14 - Send Feedback
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I love seafood, but with deadly methyl mercury contaminating species such as tuna (don’t risk it with your kids!), I’ll look elsewhere for more regular eating. Sardines are supposed to be quite healthy, and far enough down the food chain that mercury hasn’t accumulated.

Some sardines can be pretty disgusting, but I’ve settled on two brands that I like and here they are for your enjoyment, or for that pampered cat (outdoor cat if you’re not careful feeding it!). I like them in olive oil, the water ones are too dry with not enough flavor. I don’t recommend the flavored ones on the theory that’s where yesterday’s baitfish are disguised!

Update May 14, 2011: Wild Planet sardines are now my favorite. Get them in olive oil (a bit richer flavor), spring water (lowest calories), or several other flavors.

Wild Planet sardines
Big, meaty bait-sized ones.
Smaller, sweeter-tasting, really good!


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