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Viewing The Camera’s LCD — Hoodman HoodLoupe Professional

2010-01-29 updated 2011-12-21 - Send Feedback
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Hoodman HoodLoupe in use

I’ve been using a Hoodman USA “HoodLoupe Professional” for quite a long time now. It’s very helpful when using the “Live View” feature found on the latest Nikon and Canon DSLRs, providing a slightly magnified view free of any extraneous light.

The Hoodman Hoodloupe Professional delivers a clear and sharp image while eliminating all ambient light, which makes the LCD usable under difficult lighting conditions, and is especially helpful when trying to achieve critical focus.

The Hoodman HoodLoupe Professional is available at B&H Photo.


Two excellent alternatives exist: the LCDVF and the Zacuto Z-Finder.

In use

I hang the HoodLoupe around my neck, and plop it onto the screen when needed. Hoodman has a model with rubber straps, but that’s a commitment that doesn’t work for my shooting; the Zacuto Z-Finder is a far superior device for video use.

Some diopters of optical correction can be dialed in. It can be carried around the neck on a lanyard for convenience. I recommend it for any kind of tripod work with a Live View camera, but it could also be useful for evaluating images on cameras that lack Live View, for the same reasons (difficulty seeing the LCD under bright lighting).

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