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Impact Super Collapsible Background

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The Impact Super Collapsible Background is a large background (cotton cloth) with an extensible section extending in front of the background; for example a subject could be seated in a chair on the cloth portion, with the rigidly supported background providing the a clean view behind the subject.

This kind of background is perfect my my bicycling shots, since the clean background and seamless transition to the foreground isolate the bicycle.

The only problem for me (which is NOT a product issue) is that I have such limited space that size is of an issue; my ceilings are 8 feet high. Still, this solves some key issues for me in getting a clean shot, and when my next bike is delivered, I’m going to try the new setup, which I hope will save me a lot of spotting and fixing that I’m having to do now without a proper background.

One mistake I did make was letting the background rest on a wool carpet, where it picked up some lint, etc. When setting up, be sure the area is clean; hardwood floors free of any lint, dirt etc would be ideal. This is especially important when one is learning how to collapse the background (I eventually succeeded, it’s very easy once one figures it out).

NOT: for video use, the background is also available in Chroma Blue or Chroma Green.

Up to 1527MB/s sustained performance


Impact Super Collapsible Backgrounds are the perfect addition to any studio that shoots portraits, video or TV work. These over-sized backgrounds set up and collapse with ease. They get readily stored in their carry bag which can then be tossed into the trunk of your car.

This background is eminently suitable for two-shots, children's portraits or as needed for TV/Video backgrounds.

Note! Colors depicted may vary slightly, due to differences in computer monitors, printed media, and variances in manufacturer's dyes or paints.

  • Folds into small circular size
  • Can be used horizontally or vertically
  • Single-sided.


Impact Super Collapsible Background
Durable and fast, up to 1800MB/s

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