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See also general security articles at never sees customer financial information—PayPal handles it and does not transmit it nor make it accessible. Nor does accept credit cards directly, only via PayPal. This is a intentional design choice so that never requests and never has access to any financial information.

Users who wish to avoid online payment may send a check by contacting Lloyd for a mailing address.

Secure customized username and password

Customize your username and/or password using the secure change-form.

If you cannot login for some reason, contact Lloyd for help. Include your login username if known and/or email(s), but do not include password.

What is stored on the web server

The web server contains only username, email, subscriptions and your cryptographically hashed* password— this is the bare minimum. Your actual password is not stored on the server or on the internet**.

Your login username is distinct from your email, so if your email is compromised, it does not affect your username, and vice versa.

* The actual password does not exist on the server. A cryptographically hashed password means that it is computationally infeasible to determine the actual password. Even if the server were compromised, the attacker would have only a hashed password.

** Many web sites still store the plaintext password somewhere in a database, which is design idiocy.

TIP: best practices in general

For all websites this is the smart move: general never use the same password for more than one web site—were a password compromised on one site, hackers will test it everywhere else. This is why random passwords are issued upon subscription here at

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