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2014-05-13 - Send Feedback
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VIEW SITE PRIVACY POLICY (discusses email).

Some readers prefer to visit this site daily, some prefer to use RSS or the diglloyd Twitter page, and some prefer to be notified by email. There are also reverse-chronological pages for each site publication (example).

Join the site notification email list

Email notifications are opt in (off by default). You must ask to be put onto the list. Your email address is used only for notifications, not shared with any other party.

Subscribe and unsubscribe using the subscriber contact email for your account, which is visible on the login home page. Email notification are for all new blog material.

  • Daily or weekly or monthly (specify). Daily assumed if not specified.
  • Site options: assumed. Unless requested, and/or are omitted. One email per site is sent (ask for: diglloyd and/or mac and/or wind).
  • No site updates means no email is sent.
  • Emails are concise plain-text containing consisting of date + subject + link.
  • An email is typically sent late in the day, but on some occasions, more than one might be sent: reasons of schedule/travel/skipped days, etc could result in more than one email per day. Intent is one per day (for daily updates).
  • No filtering by topic: you either get email updates or you don’t.
  • New blog posts only (no updates for updated posts).


Shown below is a typical site update email.

Subject: site update for diglloyd
Recent updates (list includes last 5 days):
2014-05-09 Email Notifications Implemented, Available to Subscribers
2014-05-08 Panasonic GH4 Video Quality: Very Low Light Video Quality
This email update was sent at your OPT IN request: daily.
To discontinue, reply with "UNSUBSCRIBE".
Lloyd Chambers

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