Choosing Image Resolution and Scaling, Series and A/B Comparison

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The publications often include images as series (aperture series, comparative series or similar) and/or as two A/B images.

Quick tips (details follow), referring to the screen shot below:

  • Choose the desired resolution at top (numbers indicate width in pixels).
  • At bottom, control which variant is shown (an f-stop in this example)
  • At bottom, control the scaling (Resize). On conventional displays, this should be 100%, but on Retina or HiDPI screens at 2:1 it should be 50%.
  • Any two images can be compared/toggled with the A-B mode.
HOW TO: controls for scaling and comparing images

On the gallery page for each image (the window that displays the image by itself), various controls are found at bottom. controls for scaling and comparing images

Series vs A-B mode

By default, an image series (aperture series or other) allows rapid mouse-over, which yields an animation of sorts, which is very helpful for seeing how lens rendition changes with aperture or focus and/or for quick flipping between lenses and apertures. On touch devices (phones and tablets), touch each aperture in turn.

As shown, the image series is being shown (Series mode). Choosing A-B mode allows a simple two-way toggle between any two images and is an excellent way to compare changes, for example, between apertures.

The A/B comparison toggle

Comparing any two lenses in N-way series, hiding others

See Comparing any two lenses in N-way series, hiding others.

Multiple lens aperture series

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