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Of these, only Safari has consistently displayed color properly. Versions of Chrome and Firefox have periodically failed to display color properly.

Considerations include speed of image drawing, and support for embedded color profiles.

As of July 2017, the following web browsers are recommended for viewing this site, with Safari strongly preferred for peformance reasons:

This site uses standard web coding practices; compatibility issues indicate a browser bug or missing or disabled feature.

Browser and ISP caching tips

  • Special browser modes that enable private browsing also diable caching. Since images are very large, this will result in very poor performance due to repeated downloading.
  • Disabling cookies will degrade the viewing experience because things like screen resolution or login info will be lost.
  • Certain overseas ISPs have broken caching systems in which they cache pages obtained from this site that are intended for search bots (user agent specified as a search bot); they serve these search bot pages to their customers! Low-grade image display is one side effect.

Not recommended or unknown

  • All older versions of Internet Explorer have many compatiblity bugs and are not in conformance with standards. Avoid
  • Microsoft Edge(25) might not rememember login info.
  • Opera and other obscure web browsers.

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