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Access to Guides and publications is via subscription on an annual basis.

Which content goes into which publication?

Access to each publication may be purchased by itself, but there is a discounted price for two or more publications at a time (a “bundle”). The bundle price is available only as a bundle, not as a “pay the difference later” option.

Any subscription (single) or bundle may be purchased at any time by new or existing subscribers; any overlap with an existing subscription will increase the subscription term appropriately for anything which is already subscribed-to.


Login / logout

There is no “log out” feature other than quitting your browser. If you have saved your login, see How to Erase a Web Site Password.

Duplicate accounts

Subscribing or renewing with a different payment email than an existing account will create a duplicate account (email is the only unique identifier).

Contact me if you suspect a duplicate account so that accounts can be merged (please do so even if the old account or email is defunct, to avoid confusion).


The web server contains only username, email, and cryptographically hashed password for login purposes— the bare minimum.

Financial information never (never!) sees customer financial information (PayPal handles all this), so auto renew is impossible, nor can accept credit cards directly (PayPal can).

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