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Sony A900

The 24.6 megapixel Sony A900 digital SLR is compared with Canon’ top-of-the-line 21.1MP EOS 1Ds Mark III. A field report including two comparisons with the Canon 1Ds Mark IIII, example images in color and black and white, and the Zeiss ZA 135mm f/1.8 Sonnar. Anti-Shake (SteadyShot) is assessed, as is noise behavior..

Medium Format Magazine

Articles written for

Hasselblad H4D 50 Megapixel Medium Format DSLR

How does Hasselblad’s 3rd generation medium format entry measure up?.

Dell 4K UltraHD UP2414Q

A jaw-dropping visual experience for video or stills..

NEC Wide-Gamut Displays for Photographers

See the color that is really there!.

The Apple Mac Pro

[ARCHIVE] Various considerations for buying a Mac Pro..

Ask Lloyd Chambers

Questions and answers on photography and computers and more..

Grab Bag

Various articles..

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2022-03-11 Apple Mac Studio M1 Ultra Estimated Performance: Focus Stacking with Zerene Stacker, Adobe Lightroom, Photoshop

2022-01-26 TESTED: Apple 2021 MacBook Pro M1 Max — a Stunning Performer That Crushes Intel-Based Macs

2022-01-10 REVIEWED: 2020 iMac 5K vs 2019 iMac 5K vs 2019 Mac Pro


2021-11-23 Computing Suggestions Aimed at Photographers and Videographers— Macs, Storage, Connectivity

2021-10-20 Bang for the Buck: $2899 for a Loaded iMac 5K with Gorgeous Display, or $5K for an Apple MacBook Pro M1X?

2021-10-19 Apple 16" M1X MacBook Pro: Can it Beat the 2019 iMac 5K and the 2019 Mac Pro 28-Core for Most Tasks?


2020-05-12 Work from Home: Mac Pro deal, and what to get with it

2020-04-26 Photographers and Videographers can Now Have up to 80TB Internal SSD in Mac Pro and/or 80TB SSD on each Thunderbolt 3 Bus

2020-03-15 Rocking Fast 10-core iMac Pro with 256GB memory that Runs macOS High Sierra

2020-02-18 LG 5K Display for Mac Pro or Other, Plus Awesome Deal on NEC PA302W

2020-02-15 $500 Off Apple Mac Pro at B&H Photo, $300 Off 16" MacBook Pro, iMac Too

2020-02-02 28-Core Apple Mac Pro with AMD Radeon Pro Vega II

2020-01-29 Why I Returned the 16-Core 2019 Mac Pro... Wanted 28 Cores!

2020-01-27 Why I am RETURNING the 2019 Mac Pro

2020-01-27 What is the Maximum Performance Gain for 12 vs 16 vs 24 vs 28 CPU Cores for the Apple Mac Pro? (Intel Xeon W-3245 etc)

2020-01-11 Major Data Loss Today — But Luckily I Had Just Made Several Backups

2020-01-10 Phase One Capture One 20: Negligible CPU Core Utilization while Importing Images, Regenerating Previews + Inscrutable GPU Usage

2020-01-10 Optimizing Zerene Stacker on High Core-Count Macs Like the 16-Core 2019 Mac Pro

2020-01-09 Adobe Lightroom Users Rejoice—Your Ship Has Arrived with the 2019 Mac Pro!

2020-01-09 AMD Radeon Pro 580X in 2019 Mac Pro Badly Lags the AMD Radeon Pro Vega 48 in the 2019 iMac 5K

2020-01-09 2019 Mac Pro vs 2019 iMac 5K: RAW File Conversion Speed

2020-01-09 2019 Mac Pro vs 2019 iMac 5K: Focus Stacking Speed

2020-01-05 2019 Mac Pro: Detailed Analysis of Phase One Capture One 20 Performance, GPU and CPU Utilization

2020-01-01 2019 Mac Pro: Review Started, Plus the Fastest SSD I’ve ever Tested


2019-12-26 On the Way for Testing: 2019 Mac Pro 16-core / 48GB / 4TB

2019-12-20 OWC Delivers 8TB PCIe SSD for 2019 Mac Pro, 2010-2012 Mac Pro, PCs

2019-12-19 Reader Question: 2019 Mac Pro vs iMac Pro vs 2019 iMac 5K

2019-12-18 Reader Question: Top-End 2018 MacBook Pro Screaming Deal?

2019-12-18 HUGE Savings on Mac Pro Memory at OWC

2019-12-18 Factory refurbished Apple iMac Pro at a great price from OWC

2019-12-13 The Good Stuff for Your 2019 Mac Pro

2019-12-12 Consult with Lloyd for the best possible Mac for your Computing Needs (or general PC configuration)

2019-12-10 Apple Mac Pro and Apple Pro Display XDR Now Available for Pre-Order at B&H Photo

2019-12-08 Apple Mac Pro and Apple Pro Display XDR to be Available for Ordering December 10 — Consult with Lloyd for your own Workflow Needs

2019-11-20 Thoughts on Choosing Between the Apple 2019 Mac Pro vs 2019 MacBook Pro 16-Inch and Expected 2020 iMac Pro

2019-06-04 Apple 2019 Mac Pro: Everything I Want... but Truly High-End and Unaffordable for Most

2019-03-21 The New 2019 iMac 5K for Photographers

2019-03-10 Reader Comments: Just How Does the 2018 Mac mini Pan Out When Deploying for Professional Use?

2019-02-28 Reader Question: Moving from a 2010 Mac Pro to Newer Mac such as 2018 Mac mini (UPDATED with Reader Comments)


2018-11-23 Black Friday Deals at OWC

2018-03-07 iMac Pro 18-core Rocks Delivers Unprecedented Performance Gains for Adobe Lightroom, Trouncing the 2017 iMac 5K

2018-03-07 Lots of Shootouts: 2017 iMac Pro 18-core vs 2017 iMac 5K

2018-02-27 Thinking About the Apple iMac Pro? Caution Advised

2018-02-14 What Can an iMac Pro 18 Core Do? Coming Next Week to Find Out

2018-01-15 What Can an iMac Pro 18 Core Do?

2018-01-15 Helicon Focus 7.0: Huge Improvement in Scalability for High Core Count Machines

2018-01-13 Switched back to 2017 iMac 5K from iMac Pro 10-Core: iMac Pro a Net Losing Proposition for Me

2018-01-13 $1000 Off Apple iMac Pro at Micro Center

2018-01-12 iMac Pro: Speed with Helicon Focus

2018-01-12 2.5K or 4K or 5K Display for Image Editing and Viewing?

2018-01-09 Switched to 10-Core iMac Pro for Daily Work

2018-01-09 How Fast is the Apple iMac Pro for RAW File Conversion?

2018-01-08 Thoroughly TESTED: Apple iMac Pro vs 2017 iMac 5K and Others

2018-01-07 Testing the Apple iMac Pro + macOS Compatibility Issues with Zerene Stacker and Iridient Developer


2017-12-29 iMac Pro in Stock at B&H Photo + Year-End Deals

2017-12-29 Buying an iMac Pro or iMac 5K + iMac Pro in Stock at B&H Photo

2017-12-28 Reader Question: Connecting a Mini DisplayPort or DisplayPort Screen to the 2017 iMac 5K or iMac Pro (or 2016/2017 MacBook Pro)

2017-12-28 Apple iMac Pro 10-core Coming for Review/Comparison vs 8-core and 2017 iMac 5K

2017-12-27 Reader Comment: Viewing Images on iMac 5K

2017-12-27 OWC Unboxing Videos for iMac Pro, Teardown to Follow Soon

2017-12-27 OWC Tears Down the 2017 iMac Pro, Announces Future Memory Upgrade Programs

2017-12-21 Internal SSD Too Full in your 2013 Mac Pro, 2013-2015 Macbook Pro?

2017-12-20 iMac Pro Models for Photographers

2017-12-14 iMac Pro: Pricing and Thoughts

2017-12-13 iMac Pro: Downclocked CPUs

2017-12-05 HDMI 2.1 Delivers Awesome Features, like up to 10K Displays

2017-11-25 OWC Black Friday Door Busters end Sunday Nov 26

2017-11-25 Dealing with macOS HighSierra: Don’t Use It

2017-11-24 Reader Comments on my “Why I Probably Will Never Buy a Mac Pro Again” post: More CPU Cores and Dual GPUs vs Single GPU (and performance with PhaseONE CaptureOne Pro)

2017-11-23 Why I Probably Will Never Buy a Mac Pro Again

2017-11-22 Black Friday DoorBuster Deals at OWC

2017-11-20 Ordered a 2017 iMac 5K: Why Now and what about iMac Pro?

2017-11-11 Reader Question: Best Mac if Buying Now

2017-06-15 New Apple MacBook Pro, iMac 5K

2017-06-15 Deals on Apple Macs

2017-06-10 Dell UltraSharp 32 Ultra HD 8K Display is Shipping, Dec 2017 iMac Pro Already Behind the Curve

2017-05-19 Big Discounts on Mac Pro and iMac 5K

2017-05-05 Great Deals on 10 Core Mac Pro

2017-05-03 Reader Question: 30-bit Color

2017-04-11 Which is faster for RAW File Conversion, CPU or GPU?

2017-03-06 OWC Nearly Doubles PCIe SSD Performance with Accelsior Q — great choice for big Photoshop Files and/or Lightroom catalog space


2016-12-30 Bought the 2015 MacBook Pro: Best Model for My Usage at a Big Savings

2016-08-10 Deals at MacSales — 6 Core Mac Pro, iMac 5K, and More

2016-05-13 OWC Weekender: Deep Discounts on Apple Mac Pro and Memory

2016-05-09 Photoshop CC 2015 Now Uses all the CPU Cores for RAW-File Conversion

2016-05-05 FOR SALE: 2009 Mac Pro with NEC 30-inch display

2016-05-03 B&H Photo Mother’s Day Specials

2016-04-17 Using 8TB Hard Drives in Older Mac Pro

2016-03-01 Photography / Videography: Enhancing your iMac 5K (or Mac Pro)

2016-01-27 What’s the Best Way to Enjoy Images at their Finest?


2015-12-29 iMac 5K (Late 2015): Sheer Viewing Pleasure in the Fastest Mac Available

2015-12-28 End of the Year: 3 Days Left for Small Business to Write off that new Computer, Camera, etc

2015-12-17 Why I Use Three NEC Displays on Mac Pro

2015-12-03 Photoshop CC 2015 Latest Release: Show-Stopper Drawing Bug (UPDATE: fix coming)

2015-12-02 iMac 5K vs Mac Pro: PhotoZoom Pro

2015-12-01 iMac 5K (Late 2015): Bridges the Gap to the Mac Pro—It’s a Keeper

2015-11-23 iMac 5K (Late 2015) with 64GB: a Good Option for Many Photographers

2015-11-21 Apple iMac 5K Trounces 3.3 GHz 8-Core Mac Pro on my Most Important Job in Photoshop

2015-11-21 Apple iMac 5K Color Gamut Discussion

2015-11-20 Apple iMac 5K vs 8-Core Mac Pro: iMac is Looking Darn Good

2015-11-10 Finding Deals on Cameras, Lenses, Macs or anything else at B&H

2015-11-05 My Computer and Storage Wish List at B&H Photo

2015-09-24 Save About $830 on a 6-Core Mac Pro + Special Additional Discount on Pro Bundle

2015-09-02 Finding Deals on Cameras, Lenses, Macs or anything else at B&H

2015-08-27 DEAL: 2013 Mac Pro + SPECIAL BUNDLE DISCOUNT (“sweet spot” for photography )


2014-12-26 Year End Computer Purchases: Consult

2014-12-21 Last Minute Deals: Discounted Mac Pro, Deal Zone, and Oatmeal

2014-12-20 Server Changes in Place

2014-12-04 On the Road: a 1TB Bus-Powered SSD for Backup

2014-12-04 B&H Photo: Apple Mac Pro for $2599, Hasselblad Price Plummets

2014-11-14 Mac Pro Workhorse

2014-11-04 iMac 5K: More Tests vs Mac Pro

2014-10-31 Fastest iMac 5K vs the Fastest Mac Pro

2014-09-03 B&H Photo Promo Code Deals

2014-05-26 How to Configure the 2013 Mac Pro

2014-05-24 Dell UP2414Q 4K UltraHD Display on 2013 Mac Pro (Triple Display Setup)

2014-05-14 Transcoding Panasonic GH4 UltraHD 4K Video to 1080p: 2013 Mac Pro with Final Cut Pro and QuickTime

2014-03-06 Fujifilm X-T1 and 56mm f/1.2 XF Lens

2014-03-06 2013 Mac Pro: Total System Configuration

2014-01-29 Sony CMOS 44 X 33mm Medium Format Sensor: Will It Go Into a Sony Camera?

2014-01-29 FOR SALE: the MPG 12-core 3.33 GHz Mac Pro with 80GB

2014-01-18 2013 Mac Pro Tests: Lightroom, Photoshop, Aperture, and More

2014-01-17 PhaseOne CaptureOne Pro: GPUs are 3X Faster than CPU on 2013 Mac Pro

2014-01-15 2013 Mac Pro for Photography: How Fast is It?

2014-01-08 In Stock at B&H: 6-core Mac Pro


2013-12-24 Worth Converting to a New Mac Pro?

2013-12-19 2013 Mac Pro: What I ordered and Why

2013-12-18 Richard Franiec grip for Panasonic GM1

2013-12-18 2013 Mac Pro Buying advice

2013-06-13 Thoughts on Switching from Current Mac Pro to the Late 2013 Mac Pro

2013-06-11 The New Apple Mac Pro

2013-03-20 Sigma Photo Pro: Unacceptable Stability


2012-11-12 Which is Faster with Photoshop CS6? 12-Core or 6-Core Mac Pro?

2012-10-24 Which Apple Mac for Photographers?

2012-07-30 Why I NEED 80GB Memory in my Mac Pro: Photoshop CS6 Performance

2012-06-22 Want a 960GB SSD for your Mac or PC Laptop (or your Mac Pro)?

2012-06-20 Photoshop CS6 Performance on MacBook Pro Retina vs Mac Pro and 17" MacBook Pro

2012-06-06 New Mac Pro Coming Soon? (and my D800 Files Take too Long!)

2012-04-12 Fastest 2TB Drive? And up to 16TB in a Mac Pro with FAST 4TB Hard Drives

2012-02-10 Reader Comments: Is Pixel Binning an Option in RAW for D800? What About Computer Speed for 36MP?


2011-07-20 SanDisk Extreme Pro Card Failures

2011-06-18 Which Mac Pro for Photoshop CS5 and Lightroom 3.x?

2011-01-05 SPECIAL DEAL on a 2009 Mac Pro 2.93GHz as an MPG Pro Workstation (and also a 2.66GHz Mac Pro for $1799)


2010-10-13 Hot deal on brand-new 2009 Mac Pro

2010-09-02 Mac Pro 3.33Ghz 12-core, Upgrading Mac Pro CPU Speed and Cores, Handbrake video, Photoshop CS5 Speed Problems and more

2010-08-22 2010 Mac Pro hexacore 3.33GHz “Westmere” reviewed and compared

2010-07-27 New Apple Mac Pro “Westmere” — 6-core and 12-core models

2010-06-30 Photoshop CS5 and Crashing With OS X 10.6.4 with ATI Radeon 4870 and OpenGL on Mac Pro

2010-06-07 Jobs silent on hexacore Mac Pro at WWDC

2010-05-12 Apple Mac Pro: quad-core @ 3.33GHz or 8-core @ 2.93GHz?

2010-05-07 Apple Mac Pro: quad-core @ 3.33GHz or 8-core @ 2.93GHz?

2010-05-03 Nikon Crapture NX unusable again (Mac)

2010-04-24 Why buy a Mac Pro today? Why not wait?

2010-03-31 Why buy a Mac Pro today? Why not wait?

2010-03-16 No show on new Mac Pro yet

2010-03-05 Latest Apple Mac Pro rumor — March 16 @ 3.33Ghz hexacore

2010-02-24 Mercury Extreme 200GB SSD update on Mac Pro bays

2010-02-17 Get the right Mac Pro or MacBook Pro with expert advice!

2010-02-04 Mac Pro power usage spike playing music

2010-02-01 Reviewing: MAXPower eSATA 6 card

2010-01-21 New Apple Mac Pro coming?

2010-01-21 Mac Pro firmware update

2010-01-01 New Year’s reader comments


2009-12-31 Mac Pro drive sleds for fast swapping of drives

2009-12-28 Color rendition in browsers

2009-12-28 Adobe Lightroom 3 beta performance — not good

2009-12-19 Reviewed: Intel X25-M 160GB solid state drive (SSD)

2009-12-19 Reviewed: 8GB memory modules for Apple Mac Pro Nehalem

2009-12-17 Photoshop CS4 memory bug (Mac)

2009-12-17 64GB memory in 8-core Mac Pro! (tested!)

2009-12-16 64GB memory in your 8-core Mac Pro! (8GB memory modules)

2009-12-15 Six and 12-core Mac Pro coming

2009-12-15 32GB memory in your quad-core Mac Pro! (8GB memory modules)

2009-12-08 Apple’s new 3.33GHz Mac Pro — fastest Mac yet!

2009-11-25 Quad-core iMac vs Mac Pro — toy or serious tool?

2009-11-10 Build a screaming-fast Mac Pro

2009-11-09 Running Mac OS X Snow Leopard with the 64-bit kernel

2009-11-06 A 24TB volume on a Mac Pro

2009-11-03 FirmTek SeriTek/2ME4-E four-port eSATA card for Mac Pro

2009-10-25 Apple’s new MacMini — good for photographers?

2009-10-24 What’s coming for the Apple Mac Pro?

2009-10-20 Apple’s new quad-core iMac — analysis

2009-09-13 A Photographer’s Workstation at B&H Photo, Sept 16

2009-08-25 New York City Mac Pro setup

2009-08-19 Refurbished Mac Pros — lots of ’em

2009-08-18 Memory: 16GB in a quad-core Mac Pro

2009-08-18 Memory prices are headed UP

2009-08-18 How many CPU cores?

2009-07-26 Refurbished Macs — a great deal

2009-07-22 Some memory prices might be heading up

2009-07-15 Optimizing Adobe Lightroom

2009-07-03 Olympus Studio software on Mac Pro

2009-06-09 New Apple Macbook Pro

2009-05-13 Mac OS X 10.5.7: hidden changes

2009-04-30 Intel X25-M firmware update

2009-04-22 Voigtlander, Zeiss and computer meltdowns

2009-04-12 Single CPU Mac Pro Nehalem

2009-03-29 Mac Pro Nehalem 4GB modules from OWC testing

2009-03-28 Mac Pro Nehalem: 4GB modules from OWC

2009-03-25 Mac Pro memory prices

2009-03-20 Mac Pro Nehalem review updated

2009-03-18 Mac Pro Nehalem review posted

2009-03-17 Mac Pro Nehalem review posted

2009-03-17 Mac Pro Nehalem 2.93 GHz

2009-03-15 Mac Pro memory might require thermal sensors

2009-03-14 Troubling news on Mac Pro memory

2009-03-13 Mac Pro “Nehalem” 2.93GHz — coming Monday

2009-03-12 Mac Pro “Nehalem” 2.93GHz

2009-03-11 Mac Pro “Nehalem” 2.93GHz

2009-03-04 Mac Pro followup: memory costs $$$$$$

2009-03-03 New Mac Pro — what is Apple smoking?

2009-02-14 Intel X25-M in a Mac Pro with RAID

2009-01-20 New Mac Pro based on Intel Core 7?


2008-12-18 For sale: My 3.0GHz Mac Pro is for sale

2008-11-10 32GB Mac Pro memory on the way

2008-10-26 Mac Pro alternatives

2008-10-24 Buying and setting up a high-performance Mac Pro

2008-10-17 All About Mac Pro Memory update

2008-02-24 Best boot drive for a Mac Pro

2008-01-29 New Mac Pro? Why you should be using DiskTester


2007-04-10 8-core Mac Pro vs 4-core Mac Pro—compute intensive tasks

2007-04-10 8 core Mac Pro vs 4 core Mac Pro

2007-04-05 Eight (8) core Apple Mac Pro now available

2007-03-29 Discount on Mac Pro memory

2007-03-28 Mac Pro article updated, Mac Pro memory

2007-03-27 Memory for sale: 4 X 512MB FB-DIMM for Mac Pro

2007-03-17 Six hard drives in a Mac pro

2007-03-17 SeriTek 2SE2-E two-port SATA card

2007-03-13 8-core Mac Pro rumored soon

2007-03-08 Followup on Mac Pro/X1900video problems

2007-03-07 ECC memory errors followup

2007-03-06 ECC memory errors

2007-03-05 Mac Pro memory performance

2007-03-04 Severe FireWire performance bug on Mac Pro

2007-03-03 Mac Pro video problems (ATI X1900 video card) update

2007-03-03 Mac Pro memory temperature

2007-03-02 Memory stress-testing OK

2007-03-02 Mac Pro power usage

2007-03-02 Mac Pro memory—stress testing

2007-03-02 Mac Pro memory—installation

2007-03-02 Mac Pro memory comments

2007-03-01 Mac Pro video problems (ATI X1900 video card)

2007-02-28 Mac Pro comments

2007-02-28 Mac Pro and Canon Digital Photo Professional

2007-02-26 Mac Pro on the way

2007-01-21 Apple Mac Pro


2006-12-28 Eight internal hard drives in a Mac Pro?

2006-12-25 Talking around the real problem—can’t make use of my RAM

2006-09-07 iMac Developer Note

2006-09-03 New article—Mac Pro

2006-09-02 diglloydTools — Hardware Stress Test for PowerPC or Intel

2006-08-22 More on Mac Pro memory

2006-08-20 Memory speed on the new MacPro

2006-08-20 Correction on MacPro memory prices at

2006-08-18 Mac Pro memory, at a very appealing price

2006-08-17 The 3GHz MacPro

2006-08-16 The 3GHz MacPro

2006-08-12 ArsTechnica article on Apple MacPro

2006-08-10 More on the new Apple MacPro

2006-08-08 Why I won’t be buying a MacPro for at least 9 months

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