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DSLR full frame 45MP @ 8256x5504

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Nikon D850 @ about $3297

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Nikon D850

The best becomes better..

Nikon D850 Focus Stacking

Unprecedented support for focus stacking in full-frame DSLR..

Nikon D850 Image Quality

Oustanding image quality, but with some limitations..

Pentax K-1 Mark II

Verions 2 — 36-megapixel full-frame DSLR with SuperRes Pixel Shift Mode..

Sigma 85mm f/1.4 DG HSM Art

Sigma’s best portrait lens..

Sigma 135mm f/1.8 DG HSM Art

Fastest 135mm lens yet, with ultra high performance..

Nikon AF-S 105mm f/1.4E ED

Nikon’s best-ever f/1.4 lens?.

Blog posts, reverse chronological


2019-03-18 Sigma 28mm f/1.4 DG HSM Aperture Series: Road Grader, Alabama Hills (Nikon D850)

2019-03-18 Sigma 28mm f/1.4 DG HSM Aperture Series: Orange Poppies (Nikon D850)

2019-03-13 Sigma 24-70mm f/2.8 DG HSM Art Aperture Series @ 24mm: Alabama Hills Rainstorm Creek (Nikon D850)

2019-03-08 Sigma 24-70mm f/2.8 DG HSM Art Aperture Series @ 24mm: Alabama Hills Rainstorm Creek (Nikon D850)

2019-03-07 Sigma 28mm f/1.4 DG HSM: Substantial Difference in White Balance / Tint for f/1.4 vs Stopped-Down (Nikon D850)

2019-03-07 Shootout: Zeiss Otus 28/1.4 vs Sigma 28/1.4A: Alabama Hills Creek to White Mountains (Nikon D850)

2019-03-06 Sigma 28mm f/1.4 DG HSM Art Examples: Astrophotography (Nikon D850)

2019-03-06 Sigma 28mm f/1.4 DG HSM Aperture Series: View of Peaks near Mt Whitney, Very Late Dusk (Nikon D850)

2019-03-06 Sigma 24-70mm f/2.8 DG HSM Art Aperture Series @ 24mm: Alabama Hills Rainstorm Creek (Nikon D850)

2019-03-05 Sigma 28mm f/1.4 DG HSM Art Aperture Series: Alabama Hills, Dusk (Nikon D850)

2019-02-07 Zeiss Otus 55mm f/1.4 APO-Distagon Examples: Snowstorm Lundy Canyon (Nikon D850)

2019-02-06 Zeiss Otus 55mm f/1.4 APO-Distagon Aperture Series: Sprinter in Snowstorm (Nikon D850)

2019-02-04 Sigma 40mm f/1.4 DG HSM Art Examples: Lundy Canyon Portraits (Nikon D850)

2019-02-03 Sigma 40mm f/1.4 DG HSM Art Aperture Series: Blowing Snow on High Peaks (Nikon D850)

2019-01-20 Sigma 40mm f/1.4 DG HSM Art Aperture Series: Painted Rock (Nikon D850)

2019-01-09 Sigma 40mm f/1.4 DG HSM Art Aperture Series: Locomotive at Laws Railroad Museum (Nikon D850)


2018-12-01 Zeiss Milvus 15mm f/2.8 Aperture Series: Sprinter Van in Clearing Snowstorm, White Mountain Road (Nikon D850)

2018-11-30 Image Quality Shootout: Pentax K-1 Mark II with Pixel Shift vs Nikon D850: Yellow Tractor

2018-11-04 Thoughts on a 'Nikon D850Z ' Transition Camera Combining Best of the Nikon D850 and Nikon Z7, Canon EOS R

2018-10-06 Nikon Z7 and Astrophotography, versus Nikon D850

2018-08-08 Reader Comment / Question: Lenses for Nikon D850?

2018-07-25 Hasselblad PR: “Real World” Comparison: Nikon D850 with Decrepit Nikon 17-35mm f/2.8 Zoom Compared Without Format Equivalence or Validation of Basics

2018-07-12 Sigma 105mm f/1.4 DG HSM Art on Nikon D850: Substantial Color Shift Going from f/1.4 to Other Apertures

2018-01-16 Nikon Updates D850 Firmware to Fix the Long Exposure Noise Reduction (LENR) Bug

2018-01-15 Reader Question: Automated Focus Stacking (solution: Nikon D850)


2017-12-29 Nikon D850: Long Exposure Noise Reduction Appears to Cause Considerable Damage to Image Quality... By Greatly Increasing Noise!

2017-12-28 Curious Minor Bug in Nikon D850: Formatted Cards Have Invalid Creation and Modification Dates

2017-12-26 Fujifilm GFX: Is It Better than 35mm Cameras? (Sunrise, Lundy Canyon Waterfall)

2017-12-23 Nikon D850 Shipments: Some Movement

2017-12-18 Update on Nikon D850 Flange Focal Distance

2017-12-18 Reader Comments: Sony A7R III, Nikon D850, EVF, Focusing, Landscape

2017-12-04 Really Right Stuff L-Bracket for Nikon D850: Two Choices, Including One-Piece Ultralight

2017-11-29 Nikon D850: Back from Nikon for Checkup on Flange Focal Distance Issue

2017-11-26 What Would the Arrival of a 100-Megapixel Fujifilm GFX and/or Hasselblad X1D Mean for the DSLR and Mirrorless Options?

2017-11-23 Thoughts on Field Shooting the Nikon D850, even though Nikon Degraded D850 Operability vs D810 + Nikon D850 vs Sony Mirrorless Usability

2017-11-18 Reader Comments: Lenticular Clouds Shot with Nikon D850, Zeiss Milvus 35mm f/1.4

2017-11-18 Nikon D850: Is Lack of Availability Due to Limited Sensor Supply? Whose Sensor?

2017-11-15 Time to Head for Home

2017-11-14 The Significance of Automated Focus Stepping for Focus Stacking (Nikon D850)

2017-11-14 Reader Confusion: Battery Temperature Specifications vs Nikon D850 Operating Temperature

2017-11-14 Deep Stacking with the Sigma 85mm f/1.4 DG HSM Art Using Nikon D850 'Focus shift shooting'

2017-11-13 Nikon D850: Flange Focal Distance Problem Means that my Zeiss Milvus 18/2.8 reaches End of Its Focusing Range at around 28°F and is Hosed when it goes colder.

2017-11-11 Which is Better, Food or Water? (or wine) — Sony Alpha A7R III Pixel Shift vs Nikon D850 'Focus shift shooting'

2017-11-09 Things Coming Soon

2017-11-08 Nikon D850: Validating 'Focus shift shooting' in the Field: Does it really work well?

2017-11-07 Zeiss Otus 28mm f/1.4 APO-Distagon: Some New Focus Stacking images (Nikon D850)

2017-11-07 Zeiss Milvus 25mm f/1.4 Aperture Series + Focus Stack: Healthy Bristlecone Bark (Nikon D850)

2017-11-06 Zeiss Milvus 100mm f/2 Aperture Series: Rock Creek White Stripes + White Peaks (Nikon D850)

2017-11-02 Zeiss Milvus 25mm f/1.4: Aperture Series + Focus Stack: Waterfall Icicles (Nikon D850)

2017-11-01 Zeiss Milvus 25mm f/1.4 Stacking Examples: Glacier Canyon and Dana Lakes (Nikon D850)

2017-11-01 Nikon D850: Flange Focal Distance is WAY Off (2nd Sample)

2017-10-30 Images Added for Various Lenses

2017-10-29 Why do User Manuals for High-End Cameras Tell Nothing Useful?

2017-10-29 Shootout: Zeiss Milvus 25mm f/1.4 vs Zeiss 25mm f/2 vs 25/2.8: StripedBoulderToMountainside (Nikon D850)

2017-10-29 Scenes Where Focus Stacking Makes all the Difference

2017-10-28 Sigma 135mm f/1.8 DG HSM Art Aperture Series: Trees on Barren North Rocky Face (Nikon D850)

2017-10-28 Nikon D850: the 2nd Sample is Off Also, both Skewed and Bad Flange Focal Distance

2017-10-28 Critical Tip on Focus Stacking Focusing, Particularly with Nikon D850 Autofocus

2017-10-27 Nikon D850: 'Focus shift shooting' Feature Most Important Feature since Live View; Focus Stacking is the ONLY Solution to Full Resolution Images

2017-10-26 Nikon D850 vs Nikon D810: Comparing Night Shots

2017-10-25 Nikon D850: 'Focus Shift Shooting' at Close Range

2017-10-25 Nikon 105mm f/1.4E Aperture Series: Sidelit Giant Boulder (Nikon D850)

2017-10-24 Zeiss Milvus 25mm f/1.4 Aperture Series: Colorful Green Boulder, Dusk (Nikon D850)

2017-10-24 Sigma 85mm f/1.4 DG HSM Art Aperture Series: View Over Conness Creek Drainage to Saddlebag Lake (Nikon D850)

2017-10-24 Sigma 135mm f/1.8 DG HSM Art Aperture Series: View Over Conness Creek Drainage to Saddlebag Lake (Nikon D850)

2017-10-24 Nikon D850: 'Focus Shift Shooting' Feature is a Reason by Itself to buy the Nikon D850 — Saves Time, Guarantees Peak Quality

2017-10-23 Nikon D850: Underexposed Long Exposures

2017-10-23 Nikon D850: Notched (Discontinuous) Pixel values

2017-10-22 Zeiss Milvus 25mm f/1.4 Examples: Yosemite High Country (Nikon D850)

2017-10-22 Zeiss Milvus 25mm f/1.4 Aperture Series: Stunted Aspen, Last Light on Granite Bowl (Nikon D850)

2017-10-22 Zeiss Milvus 25mm f/1.4 Aperture Series: Large Boulder, Waterfall, Last Light on Canyon Ridge (Nikon D850)

2017-10-22 Zeiss Milvus 25mm f/1.4 Aperture Series: Aspens and Firs, Lingering Snow (Nikon D850)

2017-10-20 Fujifilm GFX: My Thoughts vs 35mm Format, Particularly the Nikon D850 and Sony A7R II

2017-10-17 Reader Comment: D850 Negative Behavior with Shutter Vibration

2017-10-17 Nikon D850, Priorities

2017-10-17 Nikon D850 Experience Report: AF Fine Tune, Focusing Precision, Accuracy with the Nikon 14-24mm f/2.8G + Focus Shift Behavior

2017-10-14 Nikon D850 Experience Report: Adjusting Autofocus Accuracy with the Nikon 105mm f/1.4E

2017-10-13 Zeiss Milvus 35mm f/1.4 Aperture Series: Low View of Bristlecone Trunks (Nikon D850)

2017-10-13 Zeiss Milvus 18mm f/2.8 Distagon Aperture Series: Infinity (Nikon D850)

2017-10-13 Nikon D850: Finest Long Exposure DSLR I Have Ever Seen by Leaps and Bounds

2017-10-13 Nikon D850: Challenging Exposures

2017-10-12 Nikon D850: White Balance and Tint with Color Checker Card, ISO 31 and ISO 64 Compared

2017-10-12 Nikon D850: Something Special

2017-10-12 Nikon D850: Mine Also Has a Problematic Flange Focal Distance (way past infinity mark).

2017-10-11 Nikon D850: My Thoughts vs Medium Format, particularly the Fujifilm GFX

2017-10-10 Shootout: Nikon D850 vs D810 for Low ISO Noise (Sprinter Van)

2017-10-10 Nikon D850: 45 megapixels + Zeiss Milvus 35/1.4 + Focus Stacking Can Make Incredible Detailed Images.

2017-10-10 Nikon D850 as a High Quality Black and White Camera? (and better than M Monochrom Type 246 for sure)

2017-10-10 Nikon D850 + Zeiss Milvus 18mm f/2.8 Aperture Series: Bristlecone Hillside With Snow (Nikon D850)

2017-10-09 Nikon D850: ISO 31 vs ISO 64 and vs D810

2017-10-09 Nikon D850: Downloadable Settings File, Field Notes

2017-10-09 Nikon D850 + Sigma 135mm f/1.8 DG HSM Art Aperture Series: Bird’s Eye View of Patriarch Grove

2017-10-08 Nikon D850: New Copy Seems Good (except for infinity focus)

2017-10-08 Nikon D850: Configuration Tip for Image Review: Use RAW + JPEG Superfine

2017-10-06 Nikon D850: Status on my Review

2017-10-03 Nikon D850: Misaligned Sensor Example Images

2017-10-02 Nikon D850: UPS has lost the package (found!)

2017-10-01 Nikon D850: the Focusing Distance Issues Stem from a Sensor that is not Parallel to the Lens Mount (Nikon quality control issue)

2017-10-01 D850 vs D810 Sharpness: Pine Creek Forested Hillside

2017-09-30 Nikon D850 Dynamic Range: Lower Morgan Lake Backlit Tree

2017-09-29 Really Right Stuff L-Bracket for Nikon D850: Now Shipping, with Alternative Ultralight Plate Coming soon

2017-09-29 Nikon D850: First Look at Noise Under Field Conditions, Gross Underexposure

2017-09-29 Nikon D850: Apparent Build Tolerance Error in Flange Focal Distance vs Optical Viewfinder, Causes Major Focus Error with Manual Focus Lenses and Focus Confirmation

2017-09-28 Sigma 14mm f/1.8 DG HSM Art Aperture Series: View to High Peaks from Chickenfoot Lake, Sunset (Nikon D850)

2017-09-27 Nikon D850: First Look at Noise Under Field Conditions, Gross Underexposure

2017-09-27 Nikon D850 ISO Series from 64 to 25600: Creek to Pines to Mountain Peaks

2017-09-25 Nikon D850: Arriving Sept 26

2017-09-21 Autumnal Equinox Rolls in With a Bad Attitude

2017-09-20 Really Right Stuff L-Bracket for Nikon D850: Shipping this Week

2017-09-19 Nikon D850: a Few More Cameras are Trickling In and Shipping to Customers

2017-09-16 The PhaseONE IQ3 100 Megapixel Trichromatic Sensor/Camera

2017-09-15 Really Right Stuff L-Bracket for Nikon D850

2017-09-14 Nikon D850: Firsthand Reader Comments on Ergonomics and Image Quality

2017-09-12 XQD Card for Nikon D850: Sony 256GB

2017-09-08 Adobe Camera Raw Supports Nikon D850

2017-09-07 Nikon D850: Trickle of Supply, 1 or 2 Per Dealer

2017-09-06 Nikon D850: User Manual (PDF) Now Available for Download

2017-09-05 Nikon D850: this Weekend

2017-09-03 Nikon D850: RawDigger Support Available

2017-09-02 Nikon D850: That Video Discussion About Color Rendition

2017-08-29 Nikon D850: Summarizing Posts so Far

2017-08-27 Nikon D850: Whew!

2017-08-27 Nikon D850: Supports USB 3.0

2017-08-27 Nikon D850: Heavier than D810

2017-08-26 Reader Question: Best Autofocus Lenses for Nikon D850

2017-08-26 Nikon D850: When Will Adobe Support D850 NEF in Adobe Camera Raw?

2017-08-26 Nikon D850: Video Features

2017-08-26 Nikon D850: Turning Those Old Slides and Negatives into Digital Images

2017-08-26 Nikon D850: Time Lapse is a Breakthrough for Nikon DSLRs... First Solid 8K Support?

2017-08-26 Nikon D850: Silent Photography at up to 6 FPS Using Electronic Shutter

2017-08-26 Nikon D850: Pinpoint AF Mode, Focus Peaking, Electronic Rangefinder

2017-08-26 Nikon D850: Natural White Balance Option, Active D-Lighting, HDR

2017-08-26 Nikon D850: Multiple Exposure Support Improved

2017-08-26 Nikon D850: Metering and Autofocus

2017-08-26 Nikon D850: Metering (I Want Auto-ETTR!)

2017-08-26 Nikon D850: In-Camera Raw to JPEG

2017-08-26 Nikon D850: Image Quality Across the ISO Range Improved, What About ISO 64?

2017-08-26 Nikon D850: Illuminated Buttons and Improved Ergonomics

2017-08-26 Nikon D850: How Will it Compare to Medium Format?

2017-08-26 Nikon D850: High Resolution Tilting Rear LCD with Touchscreen

2017-08-26 Nikon D850: Focusing and Metering

2017-08-26 Nikon D850: Focus Stepping Feature

2017-08-26 Nikon D850: Evaluating Noise Properly

2017-08-26 Nikon D850: Battery Life

2017-08-26 Nikon D850: AF Fine Tune Using Live View

2017-08-26 Nikon D850: 0.75X Optical Viewfinder

2017-08-26 Nikon 8-15mm Fisheye Zoom and Sigma 14mm f/2.8 DG HSM Art — Deferring Review Until D850 arrives

2017-08-25 Some Interesting Points About the Nikon D850

2017-08-24 XQD Card for Nikon D850

2017-08-23 Nikon Announces the D850, Commentary + Reader Comments

2017-07-24 The Logjam Breaks: Nikon Discusses the D850

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