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mirrorless full frame 24MP @ 6048x4032

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Sony Alpha A7R

Full frame compact mirrorless with interchangeable lenses..

Sony Cybershot DSC-RX1 / RX1R

Full frame camera in an ultra-compact body with or without anti-aliasing filter..

  1. Sony RX1 and RX1R Introduction
  2. Images of the RX1
  3. Relative Sensor Size
  4. Accessories
  5. Sony Electronic viewfinder FDA-EVM1K EVF
  6. Hand Grip and Tripod Mounting
  7. Leaf Shutter Speed Limits
  8. Manual Focus Problematic Behavior
  9. Focus Creep (RX1R)
  10. Long Exposure Limited to 30 Seconds
  11. File Sizes and Bit Depth
  12. Getting Sharp Images Handheld
  13. Lens Diaphragm / Aperture Symmetry
  14. Focus Accuracy / Backfocus
  15. Portraits and Focus Accuracy (RX1)
  16. Distortion, Correcting Distortion (RX1)
  17. Optical Distortion (RX1R)
  18. Bokeh in General, Overall Lens Rendering Style (RX1R)
  19. Color Shading / Vignetting (RX1)
  20. Examples, Initial Probation (RX1)
  21. Aperture Series, Close Range (RX1, Dolls)
  22. Aperture Series (RX1, Pumpkins)
  23. Aperture Series (Sony RX1, Mountain Bike)
  24. Aperture Series (RX1, Tile Mosaic)
  25. Aperture Series: Sunset Bristlecone (RX1R)
  26. Aperture Series: Bristlecone in Blue Dusk (RX1R)
  27. Aperture Series: Plastic Tubing, Wire Mesh, Sheet Metal (RX1R)
  28. Lens Rendering: Propane Tank (RX1R)
  29. Lens Rendering: Cabin Table (RX1R)
  30. Lens Rendering: Canned Foods + Bottled Water (RX1R)
  31. Lens Rendering: Storm Light on Cayenne (RX1R)
  32. Lens Rendering: Relief at 12,300 Feet (RX1R)
  33. Lens Rendering: The Moots Ride to Barcroft (RX1R)
  34. Lens Rendering: Yellow Seedheads by Grassy Creek (RX1R)
  35. Lens Rendering: The Way Across (RX1R)
  36. Lens Rendering: Bush with White Branches (RX1R)
  37. Lens Rendering: Bristlecone Graveyard at Sunset (RX1R)
  38. Lens Rendering: The Rock Can Wait for the Roots to Rot (RX1R)
  39. Lens Rendering: Brick Building at the Summit (RX1R)
  40. Examples: Pine Creek (RX1R)
  41. ETTR (RX1, Dolls)
  42. Extreme Dynamic Range: Rainstorm Sunset at ISO 400 (RX1R)
  43. Conclusions

Comparisons across format.

Can smaller sensor cameras compete with larger ones on any basis?.

Sigma DP2 Merrill

45mm f/2.8 equivalent lens on APS-C sensor..

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2012-12-21 Sony RX1: Focus Accuracy

2012-12-20 Sony RX1: Diaphragm Symmetry

2012-12-19 Sony RX1: Color Shading and Lens Comp

2012-12-19 Sony RX1 ETTR Study (Dolls)

2012-12-16 Nikon D600 or Sony RX1?

2012-12-15 Sony RX1: Initial Examples

2012-12-15 Sony RX1: Aperture Series, Distortion Correction

2012-12-14 Sony RX1: Aperture Series, Usage Notes

2012-12-13 Sony RX1 24-Megapixel Ultra-Compact Full-Frame Camera Is Here

2012-12-12 Sony RX1 24-Megapixel Ultra-Compact Full-Frame Camera

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