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2020-12-29 Phones As Cameras — Insane Deal on Nokia 8.3 Dual-SIM 128GB 5G Smartphone

2020-12-29 Insane Deal on Olympus E-M1 Mark II

2020-12-28 Some of my Favorite Stuff and Top Picks at B&H Photo

2020-12-28 Some of my Favorite Stuff From OWC

2020-10-14 Deals at OWC, B&H Photo, Amazon

2020-10-13 Canon 5Ds R Full-Frame DSLR $2400 Off

2020-10-12 $500 Off Sony A7R IV at B&H Photo

2020-05-13 Sony Pro Support Extends by 6 Months

2020-05-13 Huge Discounts on Samsung Q9F QLED 4K TVs

2020-05-12 B&H Photo NAB Specials

2020-05-05 Are You a Micro Four Thirds Shooter? Olympus and Panasonic Deals, Plus Voigtlander for Sony Deals

2020-01-21 Deep Sony Discounts for Students and Educators via B&H Photo EDU Advantage Discount Program

2020-01-07 Sigma 40mm f/1.4 DG HSM Art is an outstanding lens with beautiful bokeh — $400 off today only


2019-12-18 Up to 42% Off 2018 Apple MacBook Pro

2019-12-18 Reader Question: Top-End 2018 MacBook Pro Screaming Deal?

2019-12-18 HUGE Savings on Mac Pro Memory at OWC

2019-12-18 Factory refurbished Apple iMac Pro at a great price from OWC

2019-12-04 OWC Cyber Week Deals, and Lloyd’s Most-Used Computer Products

2019-12-02 Medium Format Now Costs What High-End 35mm Does, at Least Today on Cyber Monday

2019-12-02 Medium Format Now Costs What High-End 35mm Does, at Least Today on Cyber Monday

2019-12-01 Save the Sales Tax using B&H Photo Payboo Credit Card

2019-12-01 Panasonic Goes Nuts with the Panasonic S1R: Half Price (refurbished)

2019-11-28 WOW ... BIG Discounts for Students and Educators at B&H Photo EDU Advantage Discount Program for Students & Teachers

2019-11-28 Black Friday at OWC and B&H Photo

2019-11-25 Black Friday Deals at B&H Photo

2019-11-19 Deals on Apple MacBook Pro

2019-03-24 Fujifilm X Lenses at Deep Discounts


2018-12-27 OWC Year-End Sales

2018-12-12 Apple 2018 Mac mini Reviewed

2018-12-11 Save Big On Apple Through Dec 22

2018-11-26 OWC Cyber Monday Specials

2018-11-26 Deep Discounts on 2018 MacBook Pro + Top 35 Cyber Monday Deals at B&H Photo

2018-11-23 Top 40 B&H Photo Black Friday Deals

2018-11-23 Black Friday Deals at OWC

2018-11-11 FOR SALE: Lloyd’s Own Lenses: Zeiss, Leica, Voigtlander, Nikon, Canon, Olympus, Rodenstock, Schneider

2018-11-07 Need Memory for the 2018 Mac Mini? OWC Saves You Money

2018-11-01 OWC Products Compatible with new 2018 MacMini, 2018 MacBook Air, 2018 iPad Pro

2018-10-30 OWC Has Upgrades for the 2018 Mac Mini + Garage Sale Deals

2018-10-30 New iPad Pro, MacBook Air, MacMini at B&H Photo

2018-09-03 Video Presentation: Configuring the 2018 MacBook Pro as as Desktop Replacement

2018-09-01 Amazing Deals on the Brand-New Apple 2018 MacBook Pro: What to Get for a High School or College Student

2018-08-29 Back to School: Solid Discounts on 2018 Macs

2018-08-28 Deals on Lighting at B&H Photo

2018-08-13 OWC Drive Deals

2018-07-22 Tired of a Weak Cell Signal in your Vehicle? The WeBoost Cell Signal Booster Works Great!

2018-07-17 B&H Photo Deals (Ending July 18)

2018-07-17 Amazon Prime Day + OWC Deals

2018-07-16 Check Out B&H Photo Deals at 20% Off or More

2018-07-06 Reader Question on Vignetting for Zeiss Loxia 50mm f/2 Planar

2018-07-04 OWC Express 4M2: 4-Slot M.2 NVMe SSD Enclosure

2018-07-03 OWC July 4 Specials

2018-06-22 OWC Savings on *Factory Sealed* Apple iMac 5K

2018-06-22 OWC Hard Drive and SSD Savings

2018-06-22 15% Off This Month

2018-06-15 Rebates on Many Zeiss Lenses

2018-05-26 OWC May Hard Drive and SSD Savings

2018-05-24 My Recommended iMac 5K for Photographers is now $400 Off

2018-05-15 Some Nifty B&H Photo One-Day Deals

2018-05-01 10% Extra Gift Card When Buying Another Gift Card

2018-04-23 15% off when ordering a week in advance

2018-02-27 Thinking About the Apple iMac Pro? Caution Advised

2018-02-25 Get 4TB of SSD for about $776, Install in $90 Dual-Bay External — Super Convenient Capacious Storage

2018-02-25 B&H Photo WPPI Deals, Including Deep Discounts on Medium Format

2018-02-06 15% off for all orders placed from Feb 6 to Feb 14

2018-02-02 Bought My Own Sony A7R III

2018-01-30 $1200 Off Top-of-the-Line 2016 MacBook Pro


2017-12-31 Computer Gear Recommendations + OWC Year-End Deals

2017-12-29 iMac Pro in Stock at B&H Photo + Year-End Deals

2017-12-29 Buying an iMac Pro or iMac 5K + iMac Pro in Stock at B&H Photo

2017-12-26 B&H Photo Best Selling Deal Zone Items End of Year Sale

2017-12-04 Bonus Gift Cards

2017-11-29 What I Like in Lighting, Deals on Lighting

2017-11-27 OWC Cyber Busters — Many Just about gone

2017-11-27 Black Friday Sale 25% Off

2017-11-27 It’s Televisions Season and Open Season on TV Prices

2017-11-27 Hand-Picked CyberMonday Deals at OWC

2017-11-27 Advice for those Considering the 2016 MacBook Pro Deals

2017-11-26 My Hand-Picked Cyber Monday Deals at B&H Photo

2017-11-25 OWC Black Friday Door Busters end Sunday Nov 26

2017-11-23 Crazy Good Discounts on Apple MacBook Pro, Sony A7S II and A9, Drones, Phones

2017-11-22 Black Friday DoorBuster Deals at OWC

2017-11-22 Black Friday Deals at B&H Photo

2017-11-21 Black Friday Sale 25% Off

2017-11-21 Black Friday Sneak Preview Deals at OWC + Note on Big Fast Thunderbolt Storage

2017-11-21 Black Friday Deals at B&H Photo (Updated)

2017-11-19 Black Friday Deals at B&H Photo

2017-11-18 Deep Discounts on Macs, iPads: B&H Photo Black Friday Deals + Nikon, Canon, Sigma, Sony and more

2017-11-06 (highly recommended): 7 Days FREE

2017-11-06 It’s Television Discount season!

2017-10-12 Deals on Factory Sealed iMac 5K at OWC + Refurbished Mac Deals

2017-09-20 Zeiss Loxia and Zeiss Batis Lenses at a Discount

2017-09-19 Convenient Rentals at Competitive Prices

2017-09-04 Deals on Zeiss DSLR Lenses

2017-09-04 Deals on Apple MacBook Pro: My Thoughts on Deeply Discounted 2016 Model vs 2017 Model

2017-08-29 $25 Off Orders of $150 or more

2017-08-12 Deep Discounts on 2015/2016 Macs at B&H Photo + Sony Mirrorless Deals

2017-08-11 Substantial discounts on Macs at B&H Photo + OWC Back to School Specials

2017-07-24 Photo and Mac Computer Deals of Note

2017-07-24 Get a 5K Display for only $1499 PLUS a FREE COMPUTER

2017-07-19 Up to $500 off MacBook Pro At B&H Photo

2017-07-10 Amazon Prime Day (and/or buying through my Amazon links)

2017-07-01 4th of July Deals at OWC/

2017-06-30 B&H 4th of July Deals

2017-06-17 Deals Show Which Brands Are Under Pressure

2017-06-15 Deals on Apple Macs

2017-06-12 Father’s Day Specials at B&H, OWC/,

2017-06-02 Reader Question: Printer Deals

2017-05-22 FOR SALE, cheap: three (3) Canon PIXMA PRO-100 Wireless Professional Inkjet Photo Printer

2017-05-19 Big Discounts on Mac Pro and iMac 5K

2017-05-18 Deals on Hard Drives

2017-05-11 Get that gear into a bag

2017-05-10 B&H Photo Mother's Day Deals and More

2017-04-25 NEC Display Warranty Bonus Deal Through June 30: 5 years of Coverage

2017-04-24 B&H Photo NAB Specials

2017-04-15 Deals at OWC /

2017-03-29 New Deals on MacBook Pro, Mac Mini

2017-03-08 BH Photo Outdoor Gear Closeout Sale 50% Off

2017-02-25 OWC Weekender specials

2017-02-21 Huge Savings on Top-Class Zeiss Lenses

2017-02-13 Year of the Great Camera Company Shakeout?

2017-02-12 Is This the Year of Cool New Cameras?

2017-02-10 Big Discounts on iMac 5K, the Best Display Out there for Viewing Pleasure

2017-02-09 WPPI Deals at B&H Photo

2017-01-10 Really Right Stuff Leveling Base TA-3 for TVC 3-Series Tripods + Reader Comments


2016-12-28 Great Deal on 13" MacBook Pro, the non-TouchBar Model is Best

2016-12-27 B&H Photo Deal Zone Blowout

2016-12-26 Taxes Reminder: Section 179 for Small Business Owners (Accelerated Depreciation): Deduct if In-Service by End Of Year

2016-12-26 A Slew of Discounts on Apple Macs, iPads

2016-12-23 Fujifilm X Lenses with Big Discounts

2016-12-15 Diglloyd Deal Finder: New Search Feature

2016-12-02 Want a Fast Lens for Micro Four Thirds? HandeVision IBELUX 40mm f/0.85 is 71% Off

2016-12-02 Finding a Deal, FAST

2016-11-30 My Workhorse Display Just Dropped to $1649 (NEC PA302W)

2016-11-30 Budget Macs

2016-11-26 Black Friday Specials, Links (updated @ 16:50 PST Nov 26)

2016-11-23 OWC Black Friday Specials

2016-11-23 B&H Photo Black Friday Deals Start Tonight at 21:01 Pacific Time (12:01 Eastern)

2016-09-07 Click-Through Credit at B&H Photo

2016-08-22 Panoramas with Zeiss Batis 18mm f/2.8 Distagon (Oneida Lake)

2016-08-18 Off Grid for a Few Days (now back)

2016-08-15 Sigma dp Quattro Cameras $300 / 30% Off + More Deals

2016-08-10 20% Off Aug 2 - Aug 31

2016-08-10 Deals at MacSales — 6 Core Mac Pro, iMac 5K, and More

2016-08-02 20% Off Aug 2 - Aug 16

2016-07-26 My Workhorse Display, on Sale (NEC PA302W)

2016-07-25 MacBook Deal

2016-07-25 Looking for a Deal on Apple Mac, iPad, etc?

2016-07-24 LED Studio Light $350 / 46% Off

2016-07-22 Some deep discount deals

2016-07-19 Discount up to 25% on Camera or Lens Rentals

2016-07-19 Camera Storage Cards: 256GB and 512GB Dropping in Price

2016-07-17 Photoshop World Conference Deals at B&H Photo

2016-07-12 OWC 'Upgrade Your Summer' Photo Contest

2016-07-12 Amazon Prime Day

2016-07-11 Deals of the Week at B&H Photo, Selected

2016-07-07 Handy Wish Lists at B&H Photo

2016-07-02 MacSales Sizzling Firecracker Savings

2016-06-02 June 'Garage Sale' + Deal on iMac 5K

2016-06-02 Deals: Rebates on Apple MacBook Pro Retina, Macbook, MacBook Air

2016-05-31 15% Off Lighting Plus Info on Lighting Mobile Setups

2016-05-30 Handy Wish Lists at B&H Photo

2016-05-26 Deals and More Deals: Sigma, Fujifilm, Canon, LensRentals

2016-05-23 Fujifilm Deals and other deals

2016-05-13 OWC Weekender: Deep Discounts on Apple Mac Pro and Memory

2016-05-11 B&H Deals of Note

2016-05-05 Shipping: Sony FE 70-300mm f/4.5-56 G OSS

2016-05-05 Shipping: Sony FE 50mm f/1.8

2016-04-20 B&H Photo NAB Specials End 21 April

2016-04-19 Today Only, SanDisk Deals, Steadicam

2016-04-17 B&H Photo NAB Specials

2016-04-14 OWC Weekender Deals

2016-04-11 A Few Deals and Recommendations

2016-03-31 Sony FE 70-300mm f/4.5-56 G OSS

2016-03-31 Sony FE 50mm f/1.8

2016-03-31 Off Topic: My Favorite Binoculars

2016-03-31 OWC April 'Garage Sale'

2016-03-29 Zeiss Rebates for DSLR and Rangefinder Lenses + New Products from Sony

2016-03-10 B&H Photo WPPI Show Specials


2015-12-29 Year-End Deals at B&H Photo, Free Overnight Ship

2015-12-28 End of the Year: 3 Days Left for Small Business to Write off that new Computer, Camera, etc

2015-12-22 Recommended Computer Upgrades, B&H Free Overnight + Small Business Deduction Note

2015-12-20 B&H Deals: Fujifilm, Panasonic, Sony, Apple

2015-12-17 Crazy Good Deal on Canon G16 + Printer/Paper

2015-12-14 End of the Year: Time for Small Business Owners to Consider Getting that new Computer Gear, etc

2015-12-13 Rebates on Macs, Specific Recommendations

2015-12-10 Instant Rebates on all Macs, $100 Off Apple Watch

2015-12-10 Deals: Nikon, Canon Sony A7R II

2015-12-07 B&H has 10% Rewards + Big Instant Rebates on Canon and Nikon DSLRs

2015-12-06 B&H Deals Today

2015-12-06 $500 Off a MacBook Pro Faster than the One I Use for My Professional Photography Field Trips

2015-12-04 Best Starter Camera Deal?

2015-12-03 The Weird Stuff that Sells for Gifts

2015-12-03 B&H Deals Today

2015-09-03 Here’s a Whopper of Instant savings: $10K Off

2015-08-29 20% off at

2015-04-11 Sennheiser OCX 685i Adidas Sports In-Ear Headphones with Inline Remote/Mic: Works for My Ears

2015-04-11 Canon Lens Prices Drop from $100 to $800

2015-04-01 Tamrac TEK Rolling Office/Computer Case $200 off

2015-03-29 Deal Zone: Sennheiser OCX 685i Adidas Sports In-Ear Headphones with Inline Remote/Mic (White)

2015-03-27 Rebates for Nikon, Canon, Sony, etc Expire Soon, Deals at B&H


2014-05-21 Zeiss Touit Lenses Photo Contest

2014-03-28 Canon and Nikon and Sony Rebates Expiring Soon

2014-02-15 Quick B&H Photo Deals I Like


2013-07-10 Canon Rebates and Printer bundles

2013-07-03 APS-C WOW! Canon EOS-M with 22mm f/2 for $299 (or with 18-55 zoom for $349)

2013-06-03 Why is Fujifilm Offering Huge Discounts on Lenses?

2013-05-27 Canon $$$$ Instant Rebates on 5D Mark III, 6D, 7D System

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