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How To Get Peak Sharpness With Perfect Focus

Focusing is more complicated than it first appears..

Focusing Accuracy (Case Studies)

Focusing accuracy and errors..

Depth of Field

Controlling the zone of sharp detail..

Depth of Field Mitigations

Increasing Depth of Field by means other than stopping down..

Research — Handheld Shooting

Research into sharpness of handheld images with and without image stabilization.

Blog posts, reverse chronological


2018-07-15 Reader Comment: Automated Focus Stacking

2018-07-11 Reader Comment: Zeiss Batis or Sigma Art FE?

2018-07-11 Reader Comment: Sony Mirrorless Focusing in Low Light

2018-01-30 Fujifilm GFX Does not Always Focus at Full Aperture, Could it Be Compensation for Focus Shift?


2017-08-12 Fujifilm GFX Does not Always Focus at Full Aperture

2017-06-18 Reader Question: Camera/Lens Focus Calibration


2013-08-01 Field Curvature of the Zeiss 15mm f/2.8 Distagon with Focus Bracketing


2011-03-02 Focusing the Leica M9 with the Zeiss 3X loupe — Fantastic

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