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The Apple Mac Pro

[ARCHIVE] Various considerations for buying a Mac Pro..

Panasonic GH4

Still photos and gorgeous 4K UltraHD video..

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2021-02-01 TESTED: Big and Fast Hard Drive for Photography and Videography —  the Western Digital 18TB Ultrastar DC HC550

2021-01-29 Big and Fast Hard Drive for Photography and Videography


2020-12-28 Some of my Favorite Stuff From OWC

2020-06-10 Reader Question: File Format Longevity, Particularly for Digital RAW Files

2020-01-02 MAJOR Performance Improvements to diglloydTools IntegrityChecker Java version 1.1b10


2019-02-18 Delayed For Days: Hard Drive Horrors

2019-01-12 Reader Comment: Hard Drive Bad Sectors, Enterprise vs Consumer Drives

2019-01-11 Reader Comment: Hard Drive Error Rates


2018-06-22 OWC Hard Drive and SSD Savings

2018-05-26 OWC May Hard Drive and SSD Savings


2017-12-23 Carrying 2TB of Fast SSD in a Wallet or Small Pocket

2017-11-25 Three Posts Useful for Photographers: 12TB Hard Drives, Avoiding macOS APFS, Partitioning 2TB SSD

2017-05-18 Deals on Hard Drives


2016-09-16 OWC Drive Dock Now Available in USB 3.1 Gen 1 for about $75

2016-08-04 NEW! Cross Platform Java-Based diglloydTools IntegrityChecker

2016-04-17 Using 8TB Hard Drives in Older Mac Pro


2015-12-14 OWC Drive Dock Takes 2 Bare Drives (HDD or SSD), Thunderbolt 2 or USB3: General Use, Video-Shoot Backup, etc

2015-11-12 How to Use 32TB or 40TB of 8TB Hard Drives?

2015-11-11 Photoshop/Lightroom Problem + Deals on Hard Drives and Memory + Testing 8TB Hard Drives

2015-11-11 Big, Fast and Fault-Tolerant Storage for Photographers and Videographers: 8TB Drives Singly or as RAID-4, RAID-5, RAID-10, RAID-0


2014-11-14 4TB of SSD or 8TB of HDD in Thunderbolt 2 Mini Enclosure

2014-10-08 Big Storage for Video or Photography: 4TB, 5TB, 6TB Hard Drives


2012-04-12 Fastest 2TB Drive? And up to 16TB in a Mac Pro with FAST 4TB Hard Drives


2010-05-14 MacBook Pro SSD single and RAID vs hard drive

2010-04-14 OWC and DIGLLOYD offer ultra-high-performance MPG Pro Laptop

2010-02-19 Detecting a failing hard drive

2010-01-01 Reviewed: OWC Elite-AL Pro mini hard drive enclosure


2009-11-25 Quad-core iMac vs Mac Pro — toy or serious tool?

2009-10-20 Apple’s new quad-core iMac — analysis

2009-09-22 Hitachi Deskstar 2TB 7200 rpm hard drive — wow!

2009-09-13 OWC On-The-Go solid state drive (SSD) reviewed

2009-08-11 Capacious 2TB hard drives compared

2009-05-21 Seagate Momentus 7200.4 laptop hard drive


2008-09-26 Seagate 1 Terabyte SATA II hard drives only $122

2008-04-07 Samsung 1 terabyte hard drives—not recommended

2008-02-24 Best boot drive for a Mac Pro

2008-02-20 Seagate 1 terabyte (1000GB/1TB) ES.1 hard drives

2008-02-15 One terabyte drives


2007-12-16 Hard drive failure—emails lost

2007-11-13 One terabyte (1000GB) hard drives

2007-03-17 Six hard drives in a Mac pro

2007-03-02 Mac Pro power usage

2007-02-28 Mac Pro comments


2006-12-28 Eight internal hard drives in a Mac Pro?

2006-11-23 New review page: Hard Drives

2006-11-03 Hard drives: Maxtor 7V300F0 vs 7V320F0 AMUG review

2006-03-03 reports on fast hard drives

2006-03-01 Purchasing a new MacBook Pro? Laptop hard-drive speed.

2006-02-16 Maxtor 7V300F0 300GB hard drive performance

2006-02-10 Testing hard disk speed and reliability

2006-01-01 Backing up is good to do...

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