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Lens and Camera Issues

Good stuff and not so good stuff..

Nikon D200 vs D2x

Vintage 2006 comparative review of Nikon D200 vs Nikon D2x..

Leica M Monochrom In the Field

Field shooting the Leica MM, and comparisons..

Blog posts, reverse chronological


2019-08-05 Fujifilm GFX100: those PDAF Pixels Make Me Wish I Could have a GFX100 Without Them

2019-07-27 Fujifilm GFX Image Quality: Crosshatching Pattern Noise (Looks Like Adobe Camera Raw Enhance Details Issue)


2018-10-06 Testing the Nikon Z7 for Pattern Noise in Typical Landscape Scenario

2018-10-01 With Suggestions of Pattern/Banding Noise in the New Nikon Z7, It Might Make Sense to RENT Before Buying


2017-06-04 Sony A9: Two Examples of Pattern/Banding Noise at ISO 100 (Pine Creek Skyline, Mt Tom) + Reader Comments

2017-05-25 Sony A9: Pattern/Banding Noise at ISO 100 (plus reader comments)


2016-07-21 Leica SL: Hot Pixels + Pattern Noise at ISO 100


2015-06-13 Reader Inquiry: Banding, Posterization, Color Shifts (and the right workflow)


2014-11-09 Zeiss Loxia 35/2 Biogon Aperture Series: Solo Bristlecone, Earth Shadow (also, banding and tonal transitions).

2014-08-29 Adobe Camera Raw: 'CameraStandard' Camera Profile Produces Horrific Tonal Transitions for D810 NEF


2012-08-01 Canon EOS 1D X: Pattern Noise at ISO 100 With Ample Exposure (Expose to the Right, ETTR)

2012-07-26 Canon EOS 1D X: Pattern Noise at ISO 100 (Grill)

2012-07-25 Canon EOS 1D X: Pattern Noise

2012-04-18 Reader Comments on D800, 5D Mark III


2011-06-20 Image Quality Issue with Nikon D3s At High Frame Rates?

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