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Fujifilm GF 32-64mm f/4 R LM WR

Mid-range zoom lens equivalent to 26-53mm f/3.3..

Milvus 50mm f/1.4

Outstanding build and optical quality in a normal lens..

25mm f/2 Distagon

Ultra high performance with a fast aperture..

Leica M10

Leica M mount in slim body with SL-type sensor..

Zeiss ZM 35mm f/1.4 Distagon

Fast and ultra high performance moderate wide angle rangefinder lens..

Blog posts, reverse chronological


2021-09-27 Leica 28mm f/2 APO-Summicron-SL Aperture Series: Stagnant Tenaya Creek in Forest (Leica SL2)


2018-11-06 Revenge of the Beaver: Lundy Canyon Road Blocked by Felled Aspen

2018-10-16 Canon RF 24-105mm f/4L IS Aperture Series @ 56mm: View Past Bear Lake to Spire Peak

2018-10-15 Canon RF 24-105mm f/4L IS Aperture Series @ 105mm: View Past Bear Lake to Spire Peak


2017-11-01 Warm in Van, Trout Grilled, Killer Weather, Best Fishing Ever, Red Wine... Makes up for the Tough Days

2017-10-29 Desert Springs Trout—Yum!

2017-10-02 Nikon D850: UPS has lost the package (found!)

2017-08-18 Heavy Snow Remains in Sierra in Places + Trout Dead From Spawning Attempt?

2017-04-03 Fujifilm GFX Documentary Use: Fish Electroshock Survey

2017-03-17 Early Season Trout at Cachuma Lake


2016-12-30 Off Topic: the Year in Trout, 2016

2016-11-20 ProCamera App for iPhone with DNG support and Many Useful Controls

2016-11-12 An Exceptionally Beautiful Rainbow Trout Unlike Any Other I’ve Seen

2016-10-27 Brook Trout in Spawning Colors

2016-10-21 Paiute Cutthroat Trout in Cottonwood Creek, White Mountains (shot with Nikon 105mm f/1.4E ED)

2016-10-07 The Resident Bald Eagle Swoops and Grabs a Moribund Rainbow Trout at Saddlebag Lake

2016-10-02 'Oncorhynchus clarki seleniris' aka Paiute Cutthroat Trout, in Cottonwood Creek, White Mountains

2016-09-30 My Record Trout

2016-09-11 Cooking Fresh-Caught Trout on a Portable Yakitori Grill

2016-09-07 Dead and Dying

2016-08-23 Zeiss Loxia and Zeiss Batis on Sony: Ideal for Hiking

2016-07-04 How Hatchery Trout are Stocked in Lakes

2016-07-01 Pentax K1: Unrivalled Image Quality in SuperRes Pixel Shift Mode

2016-06-12 Paiute Cutthroat Trout, Cottonwood Creek

2016-04-28 Off Topic: High Sierra Fishing + Recommended Spinning Reel and Rod


2015-11-05 Back Home, the Snow Show Was Fun + Lloyd’s Dutch Oven Trout Recipe

2015-10-30 Yosemite Snowstorm: the Day After

2015-10-04 Steaming Trout in a Dutch Oven over Campfire

2015-09-30 Still Shooting in Mountains


2014-10-29 Ready for the Snow (Plumage)... White-Tailed Ptarmigan

2014-10-02 Victims of Drought: Trout

2014-08-22 Sony RX100 Mark III: Better than a DSLR When Gone Fishin'

2014-02-18 Brook Trout Spawning


2013-11-08 Aggressive Brook Trout

2013-10-29 Trout Food

2013-10-22 Brook Trout Spawning

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