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2018-12-26 Workflow Tip: Locking DNG Files to Prevent Modification by Lightroom/Photoshop, Greatly Reduces Backup Time

2018-12-25 Multi-Platform Data Integrity Over Time, Originals and Backups, Perils from Failures, Hackers, etc

2018-09-30 Data Integrity Over Time, and with OS Changes


2017-11-27 HOT! OWC Envoy Pro EX 2TB Thunderbolt 3 SSD + Time Machine and Backup Tips + More


2016-05-26 The Drive I Use for Backup in the Field


2015-12-14 OWC Drive Dock Takes 2 Bare Drives (HDD or SSD), Thunderbolt 2 or USB3: General Use, Video-Shoot Backup, etc


2014-12-04 On the Road: a 1TB Bus-Powered SSD for Backup

2014-06-03 Data Loss or Fault Tolerance?

2014-05-09 4K Video Data Rates, Fault Tolerance, Backup

2014-01-06 Photographers Should Employ a Robust Backup Strategy


2013-11-11 Backup and Transferring Images: From the Field Laptop to Home Workstation

2013-04-14 A Robust Backup Process

2013-03-26 How to Safely Transfer Photos or Verify Backups: IntegrityChecker for OS X


2012-08-20 How to Use Your Camera’s Storage Card as a Backup — Downloading and Backing Up In the Field

2012-03-21 480GB SSD for only $599 — GREAT for Lightroom Catalog, Travel Backup, etc


2011-10-09 Backup for Photographers


2010-09-24 How to Safely Transfer Data or Verify Backups

2010-04-15 Why your backup might be slow

2010-03-02 Using Apple Time Machine for backup


2009-10-26 Checking data integrity of your files and backups

2009-06-17 Simple and cost-effective backups

2009-05-12 Backup solutions and rebates

2009-05-10 Backup your data/photos cost effectively

2009-05-01 Need backup space?


2008-09-01 Tip of the Day: Never go traveling without a backup camera


2007-03-02 Backup strategy

2007-01-20 Simple backup reminder


2006-01-01 Backing up is good to do...

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