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2018-03-07 2017 iMac Pro: RAW to JPEG

2012-05-06 Understanding Compressible vs Incompressible Data

Cameras and Examples

Infrared camera choices with examples.

Sony Alpha A7R

Full frame compact mirrorless with interchangeable lenses..


Stunningly high image quality in a 20MP point and wide range zoom..

Blog posts, reverse chronological


2022-01-20 Leica M11 Appears to Be Doing Lossless Compressed DNG, for Solid Savings


2021-04-02 Sony A1 Pixel Shift: Inexplicably Writes Uncompressed RAW —  Fails to Respect Lossless-Compressed RAW Setting

2021-03-18 Sony A1 Lossless-Compressed Raw Format: Update Photoshop and Lightroom and you’re 'good'

2021-03-12 RawDigger and FastRawViewer Support Sony A1 Lossless-Compessed RAW

2021-03-11 Sony A7R IV: Where is the Firmware Update to Upgrade Us to Lossless-Compressed RAW Files? UPDATE: not likely to happen

2021-02-10 Sony A7R IV: Where is the Firmware Update to Upgrade Us to Lossless-Compressed RAW Files?


2019-10-26 A Real World Example of How Sony 11+7 Bit Lossy Compression Creates Ugly Block Artifacts

2019-08-26 Fujifilm GFX100 Lossless Compression Space Savings for 2.5 Week Shoot totalling 4811 Files

2019-08-25 Sony A7R IV Looks Flawed for My Purposes: Appear to Lack Focus Stacking Support and Lossless Compressed RAW


2018-01-23 LibRaw (RawDigger/FastRawViewer) Releases Beta of “SonyPixelShift2DNG”: Makes DNG file from 4 Pixel Shift Files FAST for Direct Use in ACR/Lightroom


2017-02-04 Sigma sd Quattro-H: DNG Files Shrink by More than 50% After Adobe DNG Converter


2016-10-09 Sigma dp0 and dp1 Quattro: Razor Sharp Detail

2016-03-16 Fujifilm X-Pro2: Raw File Format, Uncompresssed and Lossless-Compressed


2015-09-15 Sony Announces an Uncompressed File Format for A7R II and Future Cameras

2015-08-21 Sony A7R II: General Commentary


2013-12-10 Sony A7R: How Sony Lossy Compression Works

2013-12-06 Sony A7R: First Look with the FE 35mm f/2.8 Sonnar ZA (oddball tonal transitions from lossy compression / 'cooked' file format?)

2013-03-20 File Size as a Measure of Image Detail


2011-12-28 Sony NEX-7 — RAW Only 8 Bits?

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