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New Year’s reader comments

In this hectic world, I feel incredibly fortunate to be able to do something I love doing — teaching, which I greatly enjoy in person, but mainly do in writing here on this site and

Reader Scott T emailed to share his thoughts below. It’s hard to respond to this other than saying “thank you!”, this is what makes the effort worthwhile.

Thank you for all of your tireless efforts throughout the year. I really appreciate and enjoy the copious amounts of high quality information that you present. I often refer others to your site, either in person or in various forums. I can do so without hesitation or qualifiers - the work you do is top notch IMHO.

I know of no other site where I can reliably obtain so much high quality information on photography and computers (or flashlights). My new Mac Pro is singing along next to me as I write this. I NEVER could or would have bought a Mac Pro and done all the upgrades myself without your thorough tutorials and easy to follow instructions. I never would have installed an SSD boot drive, multiple HDD drives or a Raid-0 array without your help. I am also using a Voyager dock with 3 rotating bare drives for
backup - you'd be proud! I was able to configure a state of the art system for $3,700 that would have been $7,400 (with tax) at my local Apple store. The Mac Pro sure is an elegant beast and a pleasure to work with.

I started a mid-life career change at the age of 40. I am now 52 and have completed 4 University degrees with honors including Ph.D work over the last decade. Along the way, I have been fortunate to have had some excellent, world-class instructors. I have learned as much from you as I have from any of them. What else can I say :-)

I've said this before, I joined your site for the Photography content... but feel that the computer content is is just as important.. and maybe you should be charging for it. I would subscribe to it.
—Scott T

Scott goes on to recommend, though I haven’t checked the site out in any detail (looks good). But with three kids and this site and a day job, I hardly ever get to listen to my Wilson Audio Watt Puppies any more, if I can wade around the kids stuff! Sometime the computer/audio connection will be fun to explore.

Reader Ed F finds enjoys the blend of photography and computers:

I have been a a subscriber and blog follower of yours for over a year. I just wanted to thank you for the 'virtual' service that you have provided in assisting me in my journey to become a better photographer and to share those Images via the Web.

In particular, I have saved countless hours and money, by referring to your MAC performance guide. My current Mac Pro setup almost mirrors your recommendations. I don't even flinch or second guess your advice. I'm fairly well versed in computers and know that your advice is the real deal.

When I recently started up my own Web site and needed some serious hardware upgrades, I turned to your web site for resources and answers to my configuration questions...and would not have been able to do it without your specifications for hardware, HDD's, eSATA card, RAID configurations... etc.

I am a NIKON shooter and always, always take a hard look at and read all
your advice, spec reviews and real work review' before I make any serious
purchases... again because you tell it like it is. You have a wonderful column and here's to continued Best wishes for 2010. A truly grateful reader, Ed F

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