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Upgrade the memory of your 2019 iMac up to 128GB
Sony A7R IV

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World’s fastest Photoshop CS4 scratch disk!

I’ve been excited about solid state drives since early 2009, when the price and performance became attractive, see How to Make Your Mac Feel Lightning Fast.

Up till now, the fastest times I’ve recorded with my benchmarks for measuring Photoshop performance on huge files has been a 4-drive striped RAID of Hitachi 7K2000 hard drives (see my Optimizing Photoshop series).

Along comes the new OWC Mercury Extreme solid state drive (SSD), and just two of them eclipse the 4-drive hard drive array, and 4 of them add further gains.

If you work with enormous Photoshop files, be sure to read both my updated review of the OWC Mercury Extreme SSD, as well as Using Solid State Drives (SSD) for Photoshop Scratch.

But it’s not just huge files, laptops like the MacBook Pro can benefit: stay tuned!

But that’s not the only reason an SSD can speed up your computer. Contact me for a consultation if you’d like your own fast and reliable system eg Mac Pro.

Fast Photoshop CS4 scratch volumes compared

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