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Reader feedback: “rapid results with swift implementation in practice and reliable success rate”

I’m very pleased with this feedback, because it captures what I hope to accomplish a little better each day: to teach in a way that’s accessible to both beginners and advanced photographers, to stay straight on the path to improvements as efficiently and quickly as possible, and provide some compelling photography along the way.

Now, to the Zeiss and DAP—

I have never before had the slightest idea of how many important things are packed between my hands when I am doing photography (or better snapping some shots with a 40D, 17-55 and 70-200 f4 IS). Your reviews opened a completely new horizon for my creativity and for the understanding of photo-technology and techniques.

You have a very logical and systematically scientific way of looking at lenses, cameras, computers and probably anything else as well, as this is a way your brilliant brain reacts to your environment. Luckily you don't dive into deep and complex science (like the approach of e.g. Germans, or Zeiss engineers) nor do you succumb to biased superficial opinions.

Thanks to your well developed and consistent exact techniques of testing and comparisons you produce well balanced and reliable results. A similar attitude characterizes the greater part of my life as anesthesiologist and scholar. I like this type of approach most, as it leads to rapid results with swift implementation in practice and reliable success rate (for photos, data management on a Mac or anaesthetics...). Therefore your reviews managed to strike the notes in me as they were meant to.

After reading your articles and reviews, suddenly I realized how illogical, inconsistent, and unreliable many of the freely available reviews are, how people contradict themselves in what they say in the blogs, how I can separate the wheat from the chaff in the world of photography-reviewers. And this happened without any serious previous reading and education.

Not only I liked your texts but I enjoyed looking at your photos very much too. Inspiring!

The result is : I sold my 17-55 (and the 10-20 Sigma) and ordered the magic Zeiss trio 21, 50 f2 and 100 f2. Waiting for the 35 f1.4. The lenses are not there yet but you might imagine how excited I am. I have been with Canon for 20 years now, could not manage the jump to Nikon. I hope the next full frame 5D will have better noise correction and "pixel quality" than the current one so that I can buy one. Until then - 40D will have to do the job.

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