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Upgrade the memory of your 2018 Mac mini up to 64GB
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Reader Comments

Luiz PF writes:

I love your amazing tips on Mac performance. But I've already told you it. :)

Recently I've signed up your articles about photography and I'm loving them as well. It reveals your fine taste and balance addressing technical stuff and artistic feeling. Congratulations! By the way now I think I should had read your articles before buy some lenses. :(

DIGLLOYD: I started writing six years ago what I’d want to know if I were buying the gear! It was frustrating to me to not be able to find salient analysis beyond the usual stuff. That goal guides me to this day.

Fabio C writes:

I just bought the Canon 5D Mark II with the canon 24-70mm 2.8 lens. A salesman showed me different lenses and I was close to buying the canon 50mm 1.2 for the nice bokeh. Then my cousin told me that I should take a look at Zeiss lenses, since they are outstanding in quality, but very expensive. so right now, I'm very insecure if I bought a good lense :=(

Then I saw your short review on the upcoming Zeiss 35mm 1.4 Distagon.

I know it is a matter of taste, but I was hoping if you could give me a little suggestion on a very good Zeiss lense which can be used perfectly with the Canon 5D Mark II and maybe in addition with the glidecam HD2000. the glidecam HD 2000 is for cams with a weight of max. 2,4kg.

My goals are shooting a movie with actors. very nice bokeh, close ups, dialogues, wide angle shots, a lense which can be used with no add. lights at night and which can be used for great pictures as well. all in all, a good all round lense.

I know there is no one general lense which can be used for everything. but still, which one would you suggest? if so, is this lense affordable?

Would you chose the Zeiss ZF.2, or the 35mm 1.4 Distagon or the Zeiss 50mm f/2.0 macro over any canon lense as an all round lense?

DIGLLOYD: The Canon lenses are very good, but when shooting video, the ergonomics and focusing are paramount (follow-focus, etc). So serious video users are buying Zeiss lenses by the case. That would also be my choice for video, and really serious users with a formal video rig will opt for the CP.2 series (at considerably more expense). The ZE line and the CP.2 line share the same optical formula however.

I’d certainly consider the new 35mm f/1.4 Distagon an outstanding choice for bokeh, and the 50/2 Makro Planar is lovely also.

One good way to determine your preferences here in the USA is to rent from (lenses, bodies of many brands).
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