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Reader Feedback on Making Sharp Images

Reader Paul LA writes on Making Sharp Images:

As for MSI service all I gotsta say is " f**** BRILIANT!!"

I was very skeptical about it like a lot of other folk (I am sure you have seen some of the negative comments by posters on The Online Photographer blog) but given that it came highly recommended by one of the writers on The Online Photographer ( I think it was Ctein) I took a chance and subscribed.

I thought I knew enough about what it takes to make a sharp image, and I still think that what I already knew (pretty standard stuff really) would have worked for me MOST of the time. However, there was WHOLE LOT more that I either didn't know or knew but didn't put to the forefront of my mind when I should (perhaps thinking that the matter didn't really impact on image sharpness that much).

I think every higher education establishment teaching photography should buy the MSI and use it as part of their syllabus and no one should leave university with a degree in photography without first having studied the material you have provided in MSI.

If there is any justice in this world your work on MSI, coupled with all the other fine stuff you have done regarding photography, should lead to you being awarded a doctorate, whether by exam or honorary; and you should certainly be granted a fellowship of ALL the photographic institute/pro bodies as well as a professorship at a uni. The work is THAT good and THAT important. I am a bit of a nerd and love reading techie stuff and in the four years that I have been taking photography seriously I have not seen ANYTHING like your MSI.

My only gripe with MSI, is that there isn't a printed copy. With printing on demand services I am sure you could do a print version. Of course it wouldn't have all the multimedia stuff but purchasers could always subscribe to MSI to get all the multimedia goodies. It would just be nice to have such a brilliant work on one's bookshelf as a reference work or as something to read whilst on a train etc.

DIGLLOYD: I consider Making Sharp Images (MSI) my most important work to date, essential for anyone looking to produce better technical or creative results, by understanding all the nuances, especially of how lenses “draw”. Not to mention avoiding the numerous pitfalls.

Subscribers can print pages of MSI for their own use, as well as reading it online or on an iPad, etc. As for a printed book or PDF, that is a major piece of work to convert and maintain two or more formats from its present HTML5 form. That day might come however, but I have more material I want to let it settle (and add some more things) before I consider that step.

Making Sharp Images
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