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Reader Comments on X100 Review

Edward S writes

Mr. Chambers,

I just wanted to write you a thank you note. I subscribed to DAP after getting a Finepix X100 because I saw your review in the table of contents. Your review and other site content helped me understand the camera much better than did the strangely elliptical Fuji manual.

I learned photography in the late 60's using a Leica 3f with a 35mm lens, developing film and printing in a darkroom. I have always remembered the clarity of that Leica. I'm kind of a Mac geek, so I have had several digital cameras that I used in my work, never very expensive, and all of them disappointing if considered as real cameras. Not so the Fuji X100. Immediately I was getting results that reminded me of what used to happen with plus x and the Leica: remarkable gradation in skin tones and amazing sharpness..

In any case, your site was of great help in understanding how to get the most out of this camera. Your site subscription is more than worth the money— saved me time, increased the pleasure of working with this camera and cost me less than two weeks of my usual bill for lattes at my favorite coffee shop.

One question: have you tried using the SilkyPix Raw Converter EXE? This is my first foray into processing raw and I no longer own Photoshop (never bought after OS 9), much less ACR or Aperture. I read your review of various converters using Nikon and Canon cameras, just wondering if you have an opinion about the supplied software or a recommendation.

DIGLLOYD: The Fuji X100 has become one of my most useful cameras of all time, and for that reason I plan on expanding my coverage of it. I strongly encourage anyone looking for high quality in a compact package to get one. My review in DAP as well as my blog entries explain my findings.

The X100 is the first (and so far only) camera that is small and light enough with the quality and features I want for shooting in difficult conditions, especially at dusk, and especially while while I bicycle, like this and like this and like this and like this. No other camera has ever been able to offer its unique combination of image quality + low weight + compact form factor + EVF/LCD/optical viewfinder + real aperture ring + filters. And I can push hard, really hard on its RAW files, even with gross underexposure. It’s a serious tool for me.

The smaller 1/2.5" or similar sensor cameras are simply junk destined for the landfill; I’ve owned too many of them, none have been satisfactory. Even the micro 4/3" cameras seem to (so far) have aging sensor technology inferior to the Fuji X100, which is why even the latest Olympus and Panasonic 4/3 cameras hold no interest for me (I've just tried two of the latest Olympus models... quite good but lousy ergonomics and image and lens quality just isn’t at the same level).

I don’t need a zoom.

My feeling on SilkyPix is simple: I have only so much time to learn different software, so whenever possible I now stick with Adobe Camera RAW, which works with virtually any digital RAW files. It takes time and effort to master software, so I must focus my efforts. That said, I have heard good things about SilkyPix and if you have time and inclination, by all means give it a try.

One of many shots while mountain biking in the White Mountains of California
Fuji X100— light enough to carry even while biking in rough terrain
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