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Adobe ACR Lens Profile for Zeiss 35mm f/1. 4 Distagon?

Update from Carl Zeiss USA on Nov 18, 2011—

Regarding your reader's comment from last Friday, we are working with Adobe to profile both the Distagon 1.4/35 and Distagon 2/25 lenses. These profiles will join the others in a future release of ACR and LR.

Eric W writes:

I'm writing to you because I have fruitlessly been searching for an Adobe lens profile for the Zeiss Distagon 35mm f1.4 in ZE. I understand that the lens is a new model and that support is not instantaneous, but I thought by now there would be a user generated profile for this lens.

Could you solicit some of your more advanced readers to generate and submit these profiles for the common good? Or inquire as to why it is not featured in the newest Lightroom/ACR release candidates?

At the moment I don't have the time or facilities to create the printouts and photograph a high quality series, but I am constantly finding that I could benefit from the distortion and vignetting correction offered by a high quality lens profile.

Thank you for your time, as a subscriber I have to say that the aperture series posts about the new Zeiss 25mm have been very informative.


I have some clients that find the vignetting at 1.4 and 2 objectionable and would like an even sky gradient corner to corner. I find the Adobe vignetting corrections very satisfactory and a major time saver The default vignetting correction works, but but it is not automated based on the f-stop used... I currently have to "dial it in" per shot/per f-stop chosen. When processing thousands of proof images this adds up.

DIGLLOYD: The 35/1.4 is so well corrected that I see little point in a special profile for anything I do, and distortion correction can affect the finest details in some circumstances (since pixels have to be “stretched”). I never use the Adobe profiles myself as I am content with choosing and shooting lenses for their own signatures. And I like vignetting. But I agree there are other situations for some applications for which the corrections make sense.

Eric W follows up:

Thank you for posting my inquiry to your blog. I hope there are some motivated souls out there who will be interested in helping.

I would also like to say that I have dramatically improved the quality of my prints through utilizing the technical information on your site, especially the Making Sharp Images section. It is solid technical material written for professionals, and I have struggled to find that elsewhere.

If you are up for expanding I would like see more articles about other aspects of the raw conversion process, especially DCP profiles for adobe software, managing and controlling contrast and tonality within lightroom, and achieving accurate color.

There is so much manipulation happening within each tool of Lightroom and ACR, and I have found your explanations so far to be some of the best available.

DIGLLOYD: To the extent that post-processing is not out of scope for Making Sharp Images, additions would make sense. The strength of a publication to some extent depends on focusing on the core subject, and so I want to be cautious there. However, a “How I Post-process My Images” page might make sense, because there are a number of techniques I do use.

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