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Reader Comment: Acratech GP Ballheads

Reader Chuck T comments on the Acratech GP ballhead:

I have been using one of these, on my lightest weight tripod for 3+ years now. I do love the light weight and very smooth action this ball head affords me. I would like to mention a few notes I have discovered.

1) I also use a lot of Really Right Stuff gear, and this Acratech GP ball head cannot use any of the RRS clamps. The clamp that comes with the Acratech is the one you must use.

2) Although the "gimbal head" mode looks very intriguing, it makes nearly all tripod situations unstable. This is because the Center of Mass has moved sideways AND (because you are using the gimbal mode for heavy lens with their own footer) the Mass of the "lens plus body" is quite large. Both of these cause this mode to be a poor choice.

3) I regard this Acratech ballhead + clamp to be an excellent choice for a light-weight model. Dirt does not get "sucked" into the ballhead so it stays clean.

4) Some of the RRS ballhead models have 2 knobs for adjusting clamping force on the ball. I really like this feature but it is unavailable with Acratech.

5) At the time of my purchase, I did not have a choice of QR clamp verses screw clamp.

DIGLLOYD: As for clamps, the Acratech design is pretty nifty in the robust way it attaches, I don't see this is as a major issue, but it is a consideration. The heads do have the choice of screw knob or lever now.

Gimbal head mode: no experience there.

Clamping force on the ball; well I’m using my Arca Swiss Cube for the big stuff, the Burzynski with an oversized RRS clamp for the really heavy duty stuff, and the Acratech for my lighter weight stuff (though it’s plenty sturdy).


PS, Thanks for the "abnormal" reviews on your website (non-lens or camera body items). Things like; headlights, ballheads, tripods, clothing, backpacks, filters, books, etc.

When I start to think of something I would like to see a review of, you normally come up with it! Amazing.

DIGLLOYD: All as part of Service to my readers.

Acratech GP-ss with screw clamp


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