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Reader Comments on Reviews, AA Filter

Nikon D800

Steve S writes:

First let me thank you for your always insightful and expert reviews!

I enjoyed your comparison of the Nikon D800 to the Leica S2, despite both being quite out of my league financially.

However, I REALLY enjoyed your review of the Sony NEX-7 (with various lenses, including the Zeiss 24mm f/1.8 Sonnar.

I was contemplating a "travel" kit to complement my Pentax K-5, and have narrowed down to these three: Sony NEX-7 (with Zeiss 24) Fuji X100 (Black Limited kit) Fuji X-Pro1 (with 1 of the Fuji lenses)

From your conclusion and review of the NEX-7, I think that it may indeed be my new "Travel" system!! From what I've seen, it at "least" equals the image quality I'm getting out of my K-5 (with excellent Pentax DA* and DA/FA Limited optics), in a much smaller and lighter package. Well, at least "lighter" FA43 and DA70 Limited are pretty darn small (and sharp!!), but not too light when mounted on the K-5. Thanks a LOT for the review!!

DIGLLOYD: I write my reviews hoping to save my readers time and money. Good deal. As for the Fujifilm X-Pro1, I cannot yet offer my perspective; it is on my desk, but set aside while I work some very long hours exploring the Nikon D800. I like to invest time in cameras that show great promise, and far less on also-rans (not sure which one the Fuji X-Pro1 is yet), since most camera reviews have a short shelf life.

Eric M writes:

As always, I'm so happy to have your insight into the equipment I'd like to buy.

Here's a goofy question -- Do any of the commonly used filters have an effect similar to that of an AA filter? If so, I could imagine a D800E for all my nature shots, and a a D800E + ND/polarizer/whatever for tripod-mounted shots of things that normally excite moire.

DIGLLOYD: there is probably something out there that can blur the image just a little, Vaseline would certainly do it! As far as I am aware, nothing can quite do the same job as an AA filter. Well, a mediocre lens won’t have the problem at all, so just buy low quality lenses, problem solved.

Stopping down kills moiré, as I show in my Guide to Leica. Which aperture that will be for the Nikon D800E remains to be seen, but I think it will be f/11.

I have used my Leica M9 for 2.5 years for landscape photography. It has no AA filter, and I love its outdoor shots with few reservations: fine twigs, snow crystals, and similar fine detail can get that “Christmas tree” look to them. But on the whole, I have never considered moiré a serious issue for landscape photography. If it were, almost the entire medium format camera market would be a problem.

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