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Status of Nikon D800, Canon 5D Mark III, Fuji X-Pro1 Reviews

I am one guy. Working 14 hours a day every day for over a week is hard. It takes its toll. But I feel quite pleased with the amount of high quality coverage I have provided on the D800, 5DM3 and X-Pro1 in that time. That is my Context. Thank you for subscribing to support that effort.

A few subscribers have written requesting more coverage. I am aware of many gaps I want to fill-in with my coverage, but I am not superman, so please keep those types of emails both mindful of context, and concise as to what would be of interest.

I have to prioritize what I cover. Short loan periods and 3 cameras at once have forced me to do certain aspects of my coverage first, while I have the gear. The D800 and 5DM3 have to go back shortly, and then I have to obtain replacements. In that hopefully short time gap, I will be preparing other types of coverage that does not require use of the cameras.

Shooting the images is only about 10% of the effort to provide the coverage I do; 90% of the effort is the analysis and writing. It takes time, a lot of time. It’s the iceberg effect also: the publication of one series often means I shot 3 or 4 others to cross-check or confirm; these do not get published; I publish only the most instructive.

I hope to receive the D800E soon, but that is up to Nikon and B&H Photo. I also plan on obtaining another D800 one way or another, so as to be able to compare the two side by side.

Given the delay in the Canon 1D X, I will need to buy a 5D Mark III soon in order to continue covering it, and since it is a very popular model. Also, I will have to have the 5DM3 over the next year just because of its popularity. But I am not eager to buy one, especially given the Canon metering advisory (sounds like a recall in the making).

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