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Upgrade the memory of your 2018 Mac mini up to 64GB

After Firmware Update, Fuji X-Pro1 Non-Responsive for ~15 Seconds

I shot yesterday’s ISO series and aperture series with the latest Fuji X-Pro1 and Fuji lens firmware.

But one issue appeared with firmware 1.01: when I turn on the X-Pro1, the rear LCD lights up in Live View, but it will not focus, not take a picture and not respond to the menu button for 15 seconds— completely unusable for 15 seconds.

I did not observe this issue with firmware 1.0. It is unclear whether the problem was actually there before, but only provoked by coincidence after the firmware upgrade.

Solution: formatting the SDHC card made the issue go away.

I was not able to reproduce the issue after formatting, yet before reformatting, the problem happened 100% of the time. My concern is that the issue will reappear, since the cause has eluded me.

What would one do in the field if the camera hung for 15 seconds every time it was powered on? Formatting the card is not an option if there are pictures are on the card that have not been downloaded yet.

Furthermore, with capacious 32GB and 64GB cards, I like to leave recent shoots on the card, as another sort of backup, especially while traveling where my backups are single-tier.

None of my DSLRs have had such an issue that I can recall.

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Steven K writes:

I had a similar experience not with the X-Pro1 but with the X100. I finally figured out that if there are lots of pictures on the SD card, the issue would come up and takes an extra long time to power up. I am using a 8GB SanDisk Extreme Pro 45mb/s card. Once reformatted, the x100 powers up with no problem. Not sure whether it is a memory card or flaw in the x100.

DIGLLOYD: reader Terry B wrote to say that it involved a "." file added by Mac OS, which of course remains a Fuji bug nonetheless. I have not confirmed the diagnosis, but it would not suprise me if that were the culprit.

On all Fuji cameras there is a problem with Apple software writing a hidden files (Spotlight indexing) to the SD card when you download the images. These files mess up the camera start-up.

Take shots - move lock and write protect the card --> download to mac --> switch off write protection --> put in camera --> normal start-up --> take card out again --> download images with write protection off --> put card back in camera --> long start-up.
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